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   Chapter 1022 Extra Story 3 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Moved

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Hawk nodded slightly as a response to her greeting. He looked gentle and cultivated as usual. Hawk was more experienced as time went by, with an air of wisdom about him. He learned much due to his long-lasting faithfulness to Ava, his previous lover, who had died many years ago. Through the many experiences, failures, heartbreaks, and decisions, that were made throughout his life, he could be likened to a bottle of precious fine wine that had matured with time improving the taste, aroma, and flavor.

"Have you ever regretted giving him up?" Hawk asked while glimpsing at Molly, then returned his eyes to Spark, who was still on the stage. "You're happy when you're with Brian, but you might feel more relaxed if you were with Spark."

Molly didn't answer Hawk right away. Instead, she looked at Spark and pondered on the question. Meanwhile, Spark delivered an enchanting expression in his eyes, resulting in screams from many women in the bar. Molly smiled helplessly and shook her head. Then she answered, "Uncle Hawk, you've been missing somebody with a heavy heart. However, you've never thought about erasing her from your heart, so you don't miss her anymore. Right?" While saying that, she turned her eyes to face Hawk.

Hawk gazed at her for several seconds in thought and then smiled broadly and said, "Yeah. Other people can only see the surface instead of what lies in your heart. They decide if you're happy or not by their own perceptions. Only you, yourself know whether you're happy or not in your heart. After all, you understand yourself better than anybody else."

Pursing her lips, Molly nodded with a smile. She grasped the bottle of wine that she had ordered and poured it into a goblet that the waiter behind the counter just handed to her. "Uncle Hawk, I heard from Bri and Eric that you have just added some wine to your collections. Is that right?"

Struck by the unexpected question, Hawk became speechless for a moment. Then he felt helpless, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. "I had hoped that you would have learned something good from them. I'm afraid they're quite a bad influence on you. Every time they come to Dragon Island, they want to try some of my wine."

The two of them burst into laughter at the same time. With the excited screams of the female guests in the bar and the laughter that came from Molly and Hawk's shared jokes, it was a wonderful moment. While their friends and relatives were safe, healthy, and happy, they had their own happiness. What more could they want?

"Speak of the devil, look who's coming," Hawk said with a hint of amusement in his voice. At the same time, he raised his chin slightly. With a teasing glimmer of light in his eyes, he said, "I believe this is my cue to leave. I'm not getting involved with the dramas of the younger generation. When Brian loses his temper, nobody except you and Wing dares to communicate with him."

Just as he had finished his sentence, Brian had arrived at their side. After taking a meaningful look at Brian, Hawk put the glass of wine on the co

intentionally tried hard to forget about the fact that, Molly was no longer the same person who had been with him in Venice, several years ago. What he wanted was to create new memories of happiness for a few days with her.

"Would you like to buy me a drink?"

A woman sat on a stool by his side and accosted him. Spark turned his head to glance at her. An unruly smile played at the corners of his mouth, and he said to the waiter behind the counter, "It's my treat for this lady." Hearing that, the woman smiled, pleased with herself. While she was happy for her seeming success, Spark placed the bottle of beer and some money on the counter, but before the woman had time to process what was going on, he passed her by and walked out of Silence.

A cool breeze blew in his face, and Spark looked up slightly. He felt the sunlight on his face and closed his eyes slowly, feeling the air of a new life enter his lungs. He was grateful for having so many memories and the chance to start all over again.


Molly stared at the heap of pens in front of her and then at Brian, who was standing by her side, carefully picking out a pen that was suitable for Mark. She couldn't help but curl her lips. "How could a man be more petty than a woman?" she mumbled.

Brian didn't respond to her complaint though he heard what she had said clearly. He put a pen back into its case and pointed at it while saying to the salesman, "Gift wrap this one for me, please."

"Certainly. Just one moment," the salesman answered and then took the pen to gift wrap it.

It wasn't until then while he was waiting for the pen to be wrapped that he noticed Molly's sour face. "What's the matter?" he asked.

Even though he asked her, Brian already knew what the answer was.

Molly felt even angrier. With a smirk at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Mr. Brian Long, you can always read my mind, can't you? Don't you know why I'm angry?"

When Brian heard that, he looked confused and surprised. "You're angry?" he asked as if for confirmation.


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