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   Chapter 1021 Extra Story 2 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Moved

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On their way back home, Molly's eyes were still red, but she painted a smile on her lips. She held a violin-shaped music box given to her as a gift from Spark, tightly in her hands. She lowered her gaze slightly and stroked the music box gently with her fingers. Then she slowly opened the lid and "The Summer Breeze" melody drifted out.

Brian was driving the car and turned his head slightly to glance at her. Discontent was apparent on his cold and sculpted face, but relief and comfort gradually appeared deep in his falcon-like eyes. He returned his gaze to the road ahead. He didn't drive fast, nor did he say a word about the scene from the beginning to the end. The only reason why he kept silent was that he wanted Molly to reflect in quietness. He didn't want Molly to focus on the recovery of Spark's hand or their reunion. Brian wanted her to feel and focus on how well he had treated her.

Although, as smart and conceited as Brian was, he hadn't expected that things would go the way they did. According to Brian, if there was one person that Molly had to thank for curing Spark that should be him. However, Molly showed no sign of gratitude towards him at all. It was as if she didn't even realize what Brian had done to help Spark. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, she not only made a scene at the restaurant in front of him as well as everyone else that had been there, but also left him and their children at home to go out on a date with Spark.

"Papa!" Mark called Brian while he held a pen in his hand and looked at him with furrowed brows. He was sitting on a chair in his own office, and with the new title of administrative director of National Congress of Dragon Island, Mark looked like a little adult. Moreover, after being trained as a candidate for the power holder of Dragon Island and being abroad for exchange learning at the special forces of State Parliament for two years, he, who was at the early age of ten, already had the imposing manner similar to that of Richie and Brian in their childhood. However, there was a difference between Mark, his grandfather, and his father. Richie and Brian had been col

re much longer after tonight!" Wyatt answered in a dull tone.

Mark's face broke into a wide smile when he heard Wyatt's reply. He looked him straight in the eyes and shook his head. "No, you're wrong!"


In the bar, Silence, Molly stood with her arms resting on the counter with a smile at the corners of her mouth. She gazed at the small stage in the center of the bar, on which Spark was playing the saxophone with great passion. He lost all self-consciousness as his entire body became immersed in the experience allowing the music to take over him. He was dressed in casual clothes as usual. A couple of buttons on his blue shirt were left unbuttoned. Under the misty light inside the bar, his wheat colored skin looked especially attractive. He wore a pair of middle suit pants and a pair of casual style white leather shoes. Together with the allurement of his eyes and the tantalizing saxophone music that he was playing, there wasn't a single woman in the bar that wasn't attracted to him. Besides, in this day and age where appearance and beauty were all that mattered, it could be said that Spark had become the common enemy of all the men inside the bar.

"It's natural to feel attracted to such a handsome and captivating man as him."

Molly turned her head to see whom the calm voice belonged to. Hawk came and stood by her side, and when Molly saw the familiar face, she greeted him warmly, "Uncle Hawk."

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