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   Chapter 1020 Extra Story 1 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Moved

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7269

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Gazing at Molly with his deep-set eyes, Spark moved the bow gracefully across the violin. As a result, the friction between the bow and the strings created a harmonious melody that conjured up feelings of a lazy summer afternoon under the shade of a tree with a light breeze and the sound of a chirping cicada.

The first time that he had met Molly was when he had been playing the violin in an underground passage with only a group of ants as an audience. At that time, he had been viewed as a fool by every passer-by except for her. Spark stared at Molly with his flaming eyes without concealing his focus on her at all, as if they were the only two people in the whole restaurant, while the waiters, other diners and Brian were not present at all.

She was a stranger to him at the time, but he still grabbed her by the hand and dragged her along with him to escape from Manny's chase. Together they hid in a park by the roadside. Up until then, he had been experiencing a mental block in composition for a more extended period. However, after gazing upon her face that was radiating in the glow of the sunlight, he was suddenly greatly inspired.

As a result, he had composed "The Summer Breeze". The beautiful piece had made quite a stir. He had said that he created the melody for her and that he would only play it for her.

Slowly, Spark closed his eyes. With gentle and peaceful music playing, he allowed himself to sink deeply into his memories from the past several years. He remembered the Molly who had been weeping at the entrance of the subway in London, the Molly who had worked as his assistant with self-confidence, and the Molly who had been willing to give up everything for the sake of Mark. When his left hand became disabled, he told himself that he wouldn't care about anything as long as she was happy. However, how could he give up playing the violin so easily? The violin was his mother's favorite musical instrument and was a part of him for so many years.

He didn't want her to feel worried or have any feelings of guilt, but he suspected that she did just that, worried and felt guilty for him. Brian tried his best to restore the nerves in

shouldn't have said that, which might add a load on her mind. However, he couldn't help saying how he felt. Perhaps it was because he was selfish and greedy that he didn't want her to remove him entirely from her heart. If that happened, he would probably feel miserable.

Hearing Spark's explanation, Molly could no longer restrain the overwhelming emotions she felt in her heart. Tears had blurred her eyes. As soon as she heard Spark's words, heavy teardrops began to flow from her eyes. "Oh, Spark..." she cried, choking with sobs. All of a sudden, she engulfed him in an embrace and burst into tears.

She had felt so guilty and worried for him ever since he had been injured, which had been a load on her mind and deep pain in her heart for the past several years. Finally, at that moment, she felt relieved to see that he had fully recovered. Losing complete composure, Molly bawled like a baby releasing all of the bottled up emotions that she had held in her heart for all of those years. She had completely forgotten where she was and the scene that she was creating.

In the soft dim light, Brian's face had become overcast. He swirled the goblet feeling riled in his hand. In the dim light, the scarlet liquid looked treacherous, just like a reflection of the complicated feelings that he felt in his heart. He raised the glass to have a sip while lowering his eyes to conceal the discomfort and dissatisfaction written in his eyes.

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