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   Chapter 1019 Extra Story 157 Of Aaron The End

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Side Story 01: Striving To Succeed In Having Kids

"Doctor," Ximena said, with the expressionless face of a caryatid. She wanted to ask him a question but she couldn't bring herself up to it. After hesitating for quite a while, she finally asked, "What's the success rate?"

"It is uncertain..." the doctor answered doubtfully while looking at Ximena. "Mrs. Leng, it is unlikely for you to be pregnant naturally. Although the average success rate of test tube babies is not low at present due to the development of science and technology, the embryo may still stop growing after being implanted if the body of the mother isn't able to support it."

Ximena's heart sank and the disappointment and utter dejection she felt was sharp. Although she had already known that from the extensive online research she had conducted on her own before, she was unwilling to give up hope. Now, even after hearing the truth straight from the doctor's mouth, she was still unwilling to give up hope.

Disheartened, Ximena sat on the stairway, drained by the unsurmountable odds stacked against her. The people who passed her by couldn't help look at her curiously, but she was too heartbroken to care about anything else. The sadness demanded her undivided attention and she delivered it with a crestfallen look on her face. Stroking her belly, she mumbled, "Why won't you give me a child, god? I know it's not Aaron's fault. We've been trying at least seven times a night, but then why aren't we succeeding?"

"Hmm...I've been wondering the same thing,"

the old, familiar deep voice came from behind her all of a sudden. Ximena turned her heard knowing full well whose voice it was. "What are you doing here?" she asked Aaron, as he sat down next to her.

"Somebody told me that Mrs. Leng was seen, sitting at the stairs of the hospital, talking to herself like a madwoman because of some unknown reason..."

"Who said that I am a madwoman?" Ximena snapped, with eyes wide open, immediately drawing attenti

ctor arrived at the manor as soon as Aaron called him. Under the watchful eye of Aaron, the doctor conducted a thorough check-up of Ximena's vitals, while she lay in bed pale and drenched in her own sweat.

"What's wrong with her?" Aaron asked in a nervous voice. "Why did she start vomiting all of a sudden? Was it because of food poisoning or perhaps flu?"

Ximena was looking at the doctor curiously as well.

After smiling at her with a meaningful look on his face, the doctor turned around to look at Aaron and said, "Mrs. Leng isn't sick." Perhaps he paused intentionally to build suspense. He shifted his sights towards Ximena again, which made the air around her freeze up. Sensing the urgency in Aaron's disposition, the doctor said, "Mrs. Leng is pregnant..." He watched as the expression of astonishment on Aaron's face settled and then he continued with a smile, "You'd better take Mrs. Leng to the hospital for an overall check-up."

The tell-tale flush on Ximena's cheeks was clear indication that she was exhilarated. She tuned out everything else the doctor said, knowing full well that Aaron was going to take care of the rest. Ximena stroked her flat belly soft with face and voice full of motherly love, gratitude, and humility. She couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy in her entire life.

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