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   Chapter 1017 Extra Story 155 Of Aaron The End

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Although Freya hadn't raised Ximena herself, they naturally shared a deep bond as mother and daughter. Freya's motherly instincts of affection and protectiveness were still there and she felt concerned about Ximena. "Perhaps there's a feeling of dull incompleteness in your heart because you think that a family looks incomplete without a child, but Ximena, don't you think that your life would be incomplete without him?"

Hitting the nail on the head, her words explained why Ximena kept holding back on her feelings. It was human nature to always want more. When they possessed one thing, they would want another. When they got what they wanted, they would want something else.

"I can't make a decision for you," Freya said seriously while staring at her daughter. "Ximena, ever since I met you, I have known that Aaron would do anything for you. I think that is something that you should cherish, or you might come to regret not doing so once the chance passes you by. And believe me, good chances don't come in a person's lifetime very often."

Ximena kept thinking about what Freya had said to her and also what Molly had said to her... and even what Hanson had said to her. None of them put any pressure on her or forced her to make a decision. All of them said that the final decision would be up to her. However, nothing worth having in life came easily.

At this point, she just wanted someone to give her a direct answer, so the first person she called was Molly and all she said was—"Ximena, the answer lies in your heart!"

A breathtaking sky of perfect midnight velvet loomed over QY Island, with stars so brilliant they drew the eyes heaven bound. Although it didn't look as peaceful as it was in Dragon Island, the aroma of the tall grasses were an intoxicating perfume and the tapestry above was a painting more sublime than any man could create.

When Ximena and Aaron left the house of the political commissar of the island after dinner, they decided to take a moment to walk under the stars that hung above them, like tiny diamonds strung in the air by invisible strings.

"Where are we going?" Ximena asked, bested by her curiosity. "Weren't they supposed to build a resort just ahead?" Outsiders had been prohibited

g through the night, brilliant inks of light on a canvas of stars.

The fireworks interrupted Ximena's words as she looked up to the sky without a conscious thought. The confusion set in, and she wandered what was going on as she looked at Aaron with a baffled expression, "What..."

"Ximena," Aaron called her name, interrupting her again. Getting down on one knee, he opened a jewelry box in his hand slowly, revealing a simple and elegant platinum ring. "Without flowers or too many romantic gestures, in the company of firefly squids and the brilliant night sky above as witness, I'm proposing to you accompany me in the wooden house from where we can both look at the horizon between the blue sky and the sea."

Gazing with his soulful eyes at Ximena, who didn't know how to face such a big surprise, he continued, "Marry me, Ximena!"

There was an old saying that if a man brought a woman to see the firefly squids, he had earned the right to ask for the woman's hand in marriage.

Suddenly, Ximena felt slightly dizzy and light-headed, almost struggling to stay on her feet. Finding it difficult to respond quickly, she lowered her eyes to look at Aaron, who looked more serious than ever. The fact that he threw the magic question at her on such an unsuspecting day was beyond her expectations.

He had once asked her what she wanted, out of the blue. On that same day, he took her to the tube-shaped apartment, where he tore away the scars that had haunted her since childhood.

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