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   Chapter 1014 Extra Story 152 Of Aaron The End

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7437

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"One of the most challenging and courageous moments in a person's life is when they are still able to trust and love another person even after being hurt and betrayed by someone else. My happiest moment was when I gathered the courage to confess my feelings to my Mr. Right. Thank you for tolerating my bad habits and loving me for who I am!" By Ximena


Ximena thought that perhaps it was because she missed Aaron so much that she had started to see him in her dreams now. The thought filled her with more than just a shade of annoyance and self-loathing, which was quite evident in her eyes.

The touch of his lips felt so wonderful that she wanted to stay in a dream state for as long as it was possible. Entranced, when she closed her eyes slowly she could feel Aaron's breath and touch on her lips. She was so engrossed. It didn't matter to her whether it was real life or just fantasy.

All of a sudden, Ximena opened her eyes wide to a handsome face gazing at her with deep eyes that were a little too close for comfort. She could feel his breath on her skin and the warm emanating from his body. Without a conscious thought, her hands stretched towards Aaron's chest, trying to push him away.

Aaron, however, was not one to push aside so easily. He pressed his lips harder to Ximena's intentionally as a hint of mischief flashed across his tantalizing eyes.

Although, the mischief in his eyes was there for only a moment, Ximena was able to catch a glimpse of it. As a result, her sleepy eyes widened with a fire of anger. She bit his lip, turning into a hellcat, twisting and fighting his hold, almost scratching his face. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, like dew from their foliage. The metallic taste sent them into a heady trance as their visions blurred. Still, Aaron didn't release Ximena. On the contrary, he slammed his bloodied lips to her mouth harder, almost knocking the wind out of her.

Ximena coiled her arms around Aaron's neck, responding to his kiss fervidly. She poured all her longing and primal desire for him over the past two weeks into a kiss that steeped in a passion that ignited.

They pulled apart for a moment and took shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain h

e process of making a final decision." The president then went on to shake head helplessly to Aaron and the representative of D Country, QY Island's main competitor.

Even in the face of such complications, Aaron didn't flinch for a second. He maintained a calm, cold expression on his face the whole time. In stark contrast, the representative of D Country, who had been sitting across Aaron, expressed his perturbation and discomfort through his face. Nevertheless, it was still hard for anyone to determine what was really going with him under all those expressions.

The president was embarrassed with result ending in a deadlock. To a certain extent, the import and export trade between countries had to be mutually beneficial. It had been unwise of him to offend either party. He knew it well that satisfying both QY Island and D Country, would bring profitable results, but his diplomatic approach had failed to work this time, especially towards Aaron from QY Island.

Aaron hadn't declared where he stood as well. Instead, he always wore an almost invisible, cold smile at the corners of his mouth. In the eyes of the president and the representative of D Country, such coldness had put an intangible pressure on them, which they had not been able to neglect.

"Rat-tat!" Somebody knocked on the door, breaking the deathly silence inside the conference room. Secretly sighing with relief, the president tried his best to pretend to be calm before he said, "Come in."

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