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   Chapter 1013 Extra Story 151 Of Aaron Rebirth

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When she walked out of the bedroom, special breakfast was served on the dining table in the Royal Garden. As she ate the delicious food, Ximena asked the maid who was standing next to her, awaiting orders, "Where is Mr. Brian Long and Mrs. Molly Long?"

Respectfully, the maid answered, "Mr. Brian Long and Mrs. Molly Long were here a while ago. They left when they found out that you hadn't woken up yet." With a faint smile on her face, the maid continued, "They have arranged for a driver to take you to join them."

Ximena raised her brow and smiled helplessly. She knew that it must have been Molly who had said that to the maid. It didn't seem like something Brian might do.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"They are at the flower market.

" Ximena was surprised.

After breakfast, a driver took her to the flower market. When she arrived, she looked around the bustling flower market in front of her. She burst into a smile. She thought that perhaps there were no other couple in the world except Brian and Molly who would go to a flower market on the very next day after their wedding.


Molly called her name while she was still lost in her thought. Startled, Ximena looked ahead and saw Molly walk towards her with a flower pot in her hand. Brian followed close behind her.

"I've been told that you're going back today," Molly said and Ximena nodded. With a smile, Molly handed the flower to Ximena. "This is for you."

Ximena lowered her eyes to look at the pot of dark blue hyacinth Molly gave to her. As soon as she took it from her, she heard Molly say, "There is no past that can't be left behind and no future that can't be faced bravely." She took a pair of scissors from Brian and cut off the branch with the flower without the least bit of hesitation.

In a daze, Ximena watched Molly do the deed. Then she raised her eyes slowly to look at her with a confused expression. She knew that according to the language of flowers, hyacinth meant that you could enjoy a rich and colorful life as long as you ignited the flame of life.

In order to achieve that life, one had to confront the fear of death, and survive hopeless situations with all their strength.

"Ximena, do you know why we have eyes in front of our heads?" Molly asked Ximena with a smile on her face. "It's because God wants us to look forward. Whatever happened in the past will stay in the past, just like this dead hyacinth." Her gaze fell on the dark blue flower that had fallen to the ground pitifully. She continued, "New flowers will not bloom unless the past is abandoned." She smiled more brightly, her clear eyes shining with hope for a beautiful future for them all. "The flower language of the dark blue hyacinth is melancholy love," she said.

hat resentment had become somewhat negligible recently. Perhaps her anger and hatred had been useful to her only because she didn't want to leave Aaron's side at any cost. She used her resentment to persuade herself that she should stay by his side to torture him, the son of the murderer.

As all these thoughts filled her mind, Ximena took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on her work. By the time she finished going through all the orders selected by the operational manager, it was time for lunch.

Her mother cooked meals for her every day and even took good care of her, but Ximena was still unhappy because Aaron was not there with her. Despite his phone calls every day, she could not smell his aura in the air around her, which made her feel vacuous.

She stayed in the garden house, looking at the stars spread out in the sky and smelling the fragrance of the roses. One week had passed, but Aaron still hadn't come back.

Ximena sighed slightly. Curling up her body on the bean bag, she looked ahead blankly. She had been holding her cellphone in her hand. Aaron hadn't called her yet that evening. She was waiting for his call, which had become a routine.

Sleep gradually overwhelmed her. Her sight, which was fixed on the roses, became blurred. Her heavy eyelids shut several times, but she tried her best to stay awake. When she heard the sound of the glass door opening, her eyelashes moved weakly, but it was too difficult for her to open her eyes.

Footsteps approached her slowly and finally stopped in front of the bean bag. She saw a pair of shiny shoes and then a pair of slender legs in suit pants. Aaron squatted slowly to stare at the sleeping Ximena. A faint smile played at the corners of his lips. When Ximena opened her eyes slightly, he bent down to deliver a kiss on her sweet and soft lips.


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