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   Chapter 1009 Extra Story 147 Of Aaron A Proposal

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"It will surely fit Mrs. Molly Long well,"

a low and deep voice came through from the door all of a sudden, startling Ximena. Quickly, she raised her head to look at the direction of the voice and she saw Aaron, leaning on the doorway, like a cool teenager. With a pained expression due to her being badly surprised, she asked Aaron in an exasperated voice, "When did you come?"

"When you were thinking about which color to use to fill the sketch," Aaron answered, sitting on a chair. "Blue suits Mrs. Molly Long very well."

"How did you know that this is for Molly?" Ximena said, surprised.

Shrugging, Aaron said, "Mr. Brian Long called me. He told me that he and Molly will hold their wedding ceremony in Dragon Island next week. He said he hopes that I can go there together with you."

"Then?" Ximena asked.

"I'm afraid that I will disappoint both him and you..." Aaron answered with a tinge of helplessness. "I have to fly abroad on the very day of their wedding." Seeing the expression of disappointment that flashed across Ximena's eyes, Aaron stood up from the chair and walked towards Ximena. When he reached her, he raised his hand to stroke her cheek softly. "I'm sorry that I can't go there with you," he apologized.

Although she had already known that he was unlikely to attend Molly and Brian's wedding ceremony, she had hoped he would manage to accompany her. Therefore, she inevitably felt a bit disappointed to hear his answer. Taking a deep breath, she said, "You know what, don't mind it. I know you also don't want to go abroad that day."

Smiling at Aaron, she said, "Well then, let's go to have dinner." Aaron nodded and pulled Ximena to stand up. They walked out of her office together.

Meanwhile, the enticing smell of the food being prepared was drifting from the big conference room. Freya was good at cooking. For the employees, the happiest part of working overtime at "Only Memory" was eating the delicious food cooked by her.

In order to prevent the employees from feeling shy and self-conscious at the presence of Aaron, he and

s by his side everyday.

But then, every human being was greedy. And he was no exception to that.

As Ximena was savoring her meal and enjoying talking to Aaron, Aaron felt something in him stir. Seeing her like this, Aaron's eyes gradually reflective. While his face looked calm and collected, there was a roaring inside him that he could not control.

All of it was because an idea came to his mind. His heart was beating fast, as if it was trying to rush out of his chest. He tried his best to put a restraint on his underlying desire to ask Ximena a question as he was afraid that once he asked the question, the peaceful happiness that they had then would abruptly come to an end and would be replaced by an atmosphere of tension and awkwardness. However, as every second passed, the feeling was getting harder and harder to suppress.

"Ximena," Aaron called her name softly and suddenly, pausing taking off the bones on the fish. Confused, Ximena raised her head to look at him, and her eyes met his meaningful stare. After taking a deep breath discretely, he asked, slowly, "If...I propose to you too..." I propose to you too..." Hearing that, Ximena could not help but open her mouth. As odd as it might sound, she felt her pupils dilate. She was astonished. Seeing the expression on her face, Aaron chose to continue and brave the storm. "Will you...accept my proposal?"

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