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   Chapter 1008 Extra Story 146 Of Aaron A Proposal

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"Oh my god..." Ximena couldn't help but smile at this amusing emotional manipulation Molly was trying to lure her with. With a sigh, she said, "Well, okay then! I'm coming and I would be your bridesmaid!" Molly was audibly laughing at the other end of the line. "Oh Molly Long...When did you become someone I could not stand?" Despite her complaints, of course, Ximena would not refuse Molly. In fact, they both knew that her complaints were nothing but a joke between two good friends. Yes, she was Molly's first friend. But actually, Molly was her first friend too.

Both of them had been with powerful and influential men. While their experiences were different in details, they were similar in nature. Because of that, they could easily understand each other and sympathize with what the other person was going though. Perhaps it was because of their similar experiences that they were able to maintain their friendship, despite not seeing each other frequently or hearing from each other very often.

"Hey! Don't forget to bring Aaron with you, huh!" Molly said in excitement. "I'll making him one of Brian's groomsmen!"

Hearing Molly's suggestion, Ximena could not help but fall silent and speechless. Instantly, the scene where Aaron, who was with a poker face as usual, was standing behind Brian came to her mind. Thinking about the two outstanding men, both with a handsome yet emotionless face, standing side by side, in suit that only accentuated their tall, muscular figures, Ximena involuntarily trembled. She could not decide whether she was shaking because of her wild imagination or the cold air the air conditioner was blowing inside the room.

"I can't guarantee that he would attend the wedding," Ximena said seriously. "Recently, there has been something wrong with an overseas branch of the Leng's Corporations. He might need to fly out there to handle the issue next Monday."

Hearing that, Molly inevitably became disappointed, but then she understood that men, especially those like Aaron and Brian, had a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. Besides, she felt that there was still something between Ximena and Aaron that kept them away from each other.

"All right," Molly conceded, her tone effectively hiding her disappointment. "I understand that he may be absent, but you must come!" Molly said firmly.

"I am 100% sure that I will

. Seeing that Freya looked stunned at her announcement, she smiled and explained, "I have just received an order that I really cannot decline. I'm afraid there is not enough time if I don't join in with the others. I have to finish the design sketch today, so that we could start tailoring as soon as possible." While saying that, she turned around and walked back to her office. "Call Aaron and tell him to come here for supper. Actually, I don't know if he is free or not. He's been very busy for the past few days."

"Okay," Freya answered with a wide smile on her lips, which looked comfortable and warm.

She was upgraded from Ximena's "aunt" to being her "mom". Nobody except herself knew how it felt during the whole process. As the only two people directly involved with the whole thing, only she and Ximena had the right to talk about that. This change indicated that Ximena had decided that she would no longer dig around and try to uncover what had happened in the past and that their relationship as mother and daughter would never change no matter what would happen in the future.

Ximena was so concentrated on drawing the design sketch that she didn't notice that Aaron already arrived at her shop. She modified lines and filled colors after thinking carefully. Finally, when she looked at the draft sketch in her hands, a satisfied smile appeared on her lips and it gradually spread throughout her whole face. The dress she sketched was royal blue and it had lace edges. 'Molly will look gorgeous in it, ' she thought, imaging the moment Molly donning this dress.

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