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   Chapter 1007 Extra Story Of 145 Aaron A Proposal

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When Freya had read the report on the car accident that had happened to Manson and Gracie and found out that they had protected Ximena at the price of their own lives, she had stopped resenting them thoroughly. Her only hope had been that Ximena was still alive. Since she had been released from prison, she had visited many orphanages to search for Ximena. She had done that for so many years, but she had been disappointed every time. As time passed, she had felt more and more sorry for her daughter.

Hearing what Freya said, Ximena finally burst into tears, without any care whether her swollen eyes would go back to their original condition any time soon. Although Freya didn't say what she meant explicitly, Ximena was able to understand the underlying meaning of her words. Was Freya's past really so bad that she would be hurt once Ximena dug around and found out what had happened in the past?

Truthfully, Ximena didn't know.

The answer was like an endless stream. Despite following it vigilantly, Ximena still hadn't arrived at its end yet. Perhaps it was just as Aaron had said—new memories would one day remove her desire to know what had happened in the past. Life was like a long river that was made up of setting days and rising nights. 'What did you gain? What did you lose? What did you hope for?' she asked herself. Everybody had their own answers to these questions, depending on the path they chose to take.

For the longest time, Ximena thought that she and Aaron had attracted each other like the opposite poles on a magnet, without their knowledge nor their intervention. And now, they could not be separated by any external force. Perhaps it was because their love was met with too many barriers and obstacles. Since neither of them had chosen to leave each other despite those hard challenges, they no longer had any reason to part. Maybe everything was just determined by their personalities. To a certain extent, they were the same kind of person. They were eager to have a family but were subconsciously afraid of having a family at the same time.

Then, it was said that pressure would appear whenever a person's thoughts were inconsistent with what his or her heart wanted.

Ximena thought that it was true of her. She could live a happy life and f

ck. "And I won't stop until I succeed!" she had even said back then.

It was not until then that Ximena had found that Molly had changed. She was no longer the coward woman she had met in LW Hotel for the first time, and she was no longer the woman who had always been confused about whether she should escape from Brian's clutches or not. Molly had been reborn as a woman who was strong, as a person who would be able to do what was needed to take care and protect the people she loved.

"Yes, of course. That's really not a question, Ximena," Molly answered. Her eyebrows raised as she was fully delighted. The smile that she was already wearing on her lips widened even more. "Ximena... Our wedding ceremony is going to take place in Dragon Island next week. Would you like to be my bridesmaid? !"

While she uttered these words in a form of a question, her tone informed Ximena that she had already decided for her and that she had no choice but to agree. "You haven't even asked whether I would be free by then!" Ximena complained jokingly, without saying yes or no.

"Well..." Molly said slowly, her tone still playful. "You will attend my wedding ceremony no matter what happens. It's a big event and I expect you to drop everything so that you and Aaron could be with us on that day!" Thinking of that, Molly's tone became low, as if she was purposefully trying to sound sad. "After all, you're the very first friend I made. If you couldn't attend my wedding, wouldn't you feel very, very, very sorry for me?"

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