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   Chapter 1005 Extra Story 143 Of Aaron A Proposal

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Aaron said that in a soft voice, but his words pierced Ximena's heart like an arrow. Looking at him blankly, she didn't know now whether she should go on asking or not. However, people could not always control their hearts. Ximena desired to know the fact from her heart, even though she knew clearly her insistence would do no good for both herself and others. "I've always known that what I wanted to know would never bring any good to my life..." It was as if she hit the nail on the head. "But then, if I end up always wondering about what happened in the past, I would never live peacefully. And I do not want that." With her lips tightly pursed, her face looked distressed and it seemed like she was in pain. "In fact, Aaron, we are the same kind of people. We won't give up until we get what we want, know what we want to know."

Upon hearing that, Aaron smiled, uncharacteristically warm and welcoming. With his deep-set eyes, he stared at Ximena, who was now looking withered because of the distress she was feeling. Slowly, he said, "Ximena, then... why not have a try? Let's set a time limit of two years. If in two years I can successfully make you forget about the past, we will go forward without thinking nor caring about the past again... Do we have a deal?"

His last sentence surprised Ximena. The unprecedented tenderness of it was something she hadn't heard in a while, and somehow it made her appreciate him. Yes, he would be tender towards her when they slept together at night, but he had never spoken to her in such a soft voice or gazed at her with such tender sight face to face.

'Do we have a deal?

Do we have a deal?'

With these words echoing inside Ximena's brain, she chuckled to herself.

"Okay!" she suddenly exclaimed. This one simple word was intended not only for Aaron, but also for herself. That, however, didn't mean that she would not try to uncover and explore what had happened in the past in the next two years. It was just that she wanted to see if she herself would be able to really forget about the past within the next two years.

Hearing her enthusiastic answer, a faint smile suddenly appeared on Aaron

in her bedroom. Since she had wept too much the previous day, her eyes were once again swollen and were as big as two eggs. It was just like she got in a fight, and she was badly beaten. It was a pain to open her eyes. Once she did, however, she went to the living room. Aaron wasn't there.

"Miss Mo," the butler greeted her, giving a hint to a maid to put Ximena's breakfast and medicine on the table. "His Highness said that he had to go to the company. He would come back to have lunch with you this noon."

Sighing, Ximena nodded. Her head felt heavy, as if it was filled with lead. While the food the maid put in front of her looked and smelled good, she had no appetite at all.

It was still raining outside, though much more lightly than last night. Fog was everywhere because of the downpour last night, and it was making it difficult for people to see clearly outside.

Deciding that it was in her best interest to eat, Ximena sat down then and tried eating. After a few bites, Ximena went back to her bedroom to change clothes as she had planned to go out. She was on her way to the door when the butler got in her way.

"Miss Mo, you haven't fully recovered yet," he said in a respectful and calm voice. "It is too cold outside. I suggest that you refrain from going outside for the time being."

After rolling her eyes and frowning slightly, Ximena affixed her gaze on the butler. She asked, "Are you stopping me?!"

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