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   Chapter 1004 Extra Story 142 Of Aaron Handling The Problem

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He walked towards her and sat down on the beanbag. After staring at her for a while silently, he sighed deeply and asked, "Ximena, do you have to torture yourself in this way?"

She didn't respond to him immediately. After a long wait, she said slowly, "I'm torturing you..."

Aaron's heart tightened. He laughed at the irony. She was right. While torturing herself, she was torturing him as well.

"Aaron," Ximena said in a weak voice. She was not as emotional as she had been in the moring. "What on earth happened?" she asked as she stared at him with her begging eyes. "I think I have the right to know everything that concerns me." Her eyes were menially asking him to tell her the truth, but her tone was serious, not allowing him a chance to refuse her.

Aaron looked at her with his deep eyes. He was in quite a dilemma—to tell her, or not to tell her. Both choices seemed wrong. Had he ever been so hesitant about doing or saying anything? Never! Not as far as he could remember.

As Aaron remained silent, Ximena wore a smile on her lips. Her smile was cold, and froze at the corners of her mouth. "You can't wrap fire in paper, Aaron. Nothing could be kept a secret forever in this world. What's done by night would appear by day," she said in an extraordinarily calm voice. "Even if you dispose every evidence today, can you be sure that I will never uncover the truth in my lifetime ?"

Of course, Aaron could not be absolutely sure of that. Even if Hugo hadn't appeared, Ximena would have found out about her past sooner or later, no matter how perfectly he handled the issue.

Nevertheless, he still chose to hide it from her, because he didn't want her to be unhappy. And he would try his best to keep it from her for as long as possible. Perhaps when that day finally came, she would have started a family with him. She would have their children and him to cherish and love. So if she found out the truth somehow, she might care less about what had happened in the past.

However, all these were his optimistic imagination, while the reality was much harsher.

"Ximena," Aaron said in a voice as calm as the bright moon in the dark clouds. "You know better than anybody else that sometimes it's better to leave some things unheard."

Ximena smiled with self-mockery in her eyes. "I understand that. But I still want to know," she said with so much misery on her face. "My mom would rather not tell me who she really is. She would rather I see her a

ident that was reported in the newspaper clippings and hated you, I still didn't leave you. All the reasons I gave at the time were lies. The only real reason was that I didn't want to leave you."

Hearing that didn't comfort Aaron at all. He felt like his heart was being crushed and he was suffocating. His sight turned blurry. He had known clearly how she would respond to him, but he had still asked her that question. What an unnecessary move!

Outsiders could never tell what kind of relationship it was between the two of them, but nobody could step in between them either. At the same time, neither of them could tell what kind of relationship they really had either.

"I will not tell you what you want to know," Aaron said in a low voice. "She will not tell you either." Even after seeing the anger in Ximena's eyes, he continued, "I will try my best to prevent you from knowing the truth by all means."

"Aaron!" Ximena yelled, gritting her teeth to put a restraint on her anger.

Aaron shook his head and said, "Ximena, there's nothing you can do." Sighing slightly, he said, "I will send everybody who knows that secret away from QY Island. Being my woman, you are able to do many things in QY Island. So, I'll just have to send them out of this island. But you can't leave, because if you leave QY Island, you will go further and further away from your past, just like a bird who has lost her wings."

"Aaron, aren't you afraid that I will hate you?" Ximena asked in despair.

Aaron shook his head. "I would rather you hate me..." he answered slowly with a sad smile on his lips, "than you being unhappy all your life."


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