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   Chapter 1003 Extra Story 141 Of Aaron Handling The Problem

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When he thought of that scenario, a treacherous smile appeared on Hugo's face.

But Aaron wasn't affected at all. He didn't show any unusual expressions. On the contrary, he looked even more indifferent to the situation. Slowly, he stood up and walked to Hugo. Staring at his face which had been damaged by age and time, Aaron sneered while saying slowly, "Do you really believe that I hadn't taken sufficient precautions before I captured you?" Hugo was stunned by Aaron's fearless voice. Seeing the expressions on his face, Aaron smirked, "Her secret will remain a secret forever."

Hugo was so astonished by how domineeringly Aaron was that he couldn't even respond right away. A while later, he laughed grimly and said, "That's impossible!" His tone was arrogant. Even though he could not be sure about anything else, he was very confident about his own programs.

"Self-confidence is good," Shawn said in a joking tone. He folded the Swiss army knife and turned to look at Hugo. Slowly, he continued, "Nobody can compare with you in terms of talent, but..." Shawn paused and shook his head, as if he felt sorry for Hugo. "Considering that the age of 'Y' ended many years ago, are you sure that you're still unbeatable?" He slowly turned the laptop towards Hugo.

Hugo looked at the screen which still had the big 'Y' made up of countless small 'Y's. Hugo burst into laughter. Arrogantly, he declared, "You will never decode—" He stopped mid-way as he fixed his eyes on the screen. The image began to change gradually. It looked like the big 'Y' was being decomposed by somebody. In a very short time, countless small dots appeared all over the screen. After a ray of white light slid across the screen once, the normal system interface appeared.

"What happened? How could this be..." Hugo mumbled, looking at the screen with his eyes wide open. "That's impossible, impossible... Absolutely impossible!"

"Oh no..." Shawn said lazily. Leaning against the backrest of the chair, he looked at Hugo with false sympathy on his charming face. "Nothing is absolute in this world." Nobody could absolutely control anything.

The whole incident looked like a farce to the citizens of QY Island. L

d, he proceeded towards the garden house. He usually walked in a brisk pace, but today, his footsteps were somewhat heavy, just like his heart. He had tried so hard to remove the obstacle between him and Ximena, and had finally made some improvement. But it was all destroyed in a day and it was like they were back at the staring point. He had no choice but to face the disastrous result of his hesitation when he had discovered who Freya really was.

The door of the garden house was latched from inside. When the garden house had been constructed, the door had been designed to be digitally controlled to enable her to have her own space. However, that design had now become a barrier which prevented him from reaching her.

Aaron felt helpless, like never before. He looked up at the hazy sky and then his eyes fell on the glass roof of the garden house. It was open.

He asked a servant to fetch a ladder for him and after placing it against the garden house, he climbed to the roof quickly. With one of his hands against the glass surface to support his body, his slender legs gyrated swiftly. In an instant, his feet touched the floor of the garden house. He stood there, steady on his feet.

Hearing the thud, Ximena looked to the direction of the sound reflexively. She looked at him for quite a while with her empty eyes, then she withdrew her sight, as if she hadn't seen anything. She looked lifeless. He felt his heart break to see her like this.

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