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   Chapter 1002 Extra Story Of 140 Aaron Handling The Problem

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The doctor left the manor soon after. Freya looked sad and worried as she stood by Ximena's bed. Aaron said, "I'm afraid that she won't wake up any time soon. You'd better stay here with her. There's something that I need to handle."

Freya nodded without asking any questions. She stared at Aaron's retreating back until he disappeared from her sight. She looked at Ximena's deathly pale face and felt a pang in her heart. She stretched her hand to stroke her daughter's face gently. Due to all the physical labor she had done through the years, her palms were very rough and had calluses. But because of her touch, the frown on her daughter's forehead smoothened a bit.

"Ximena," Freya choked on her sobs. "I don't want you to be like this..." Tears spilled over her eyes uncontrollably. Twenty seven years ago, she had been pregnant with Ximena in a very difficult circumstance. She had been in prison during that time, and that had been where she had given birth to her daughter. After realizing that she was pregnant, she had begun to act according to other people's wishes and learned to play up to the inmates in order to protect herself and her baby from violence. After her baby was born, the inmates felt Ximena's vitality, the aura of a new born baby.

She cried, chuckled and made baby noises in such a vibrant manner, which was completely different from the normal atmosphere in a prison. As a result of that, people in other prison cells had started envying them.

As these memories came back to her, Freya pursed her lips into a straight line, and salty tears rolled to the corners of her mouth, echoing the bitterness in her heart. At that time, she had tried her best to be in her best behavior in hopes of being released earlier because she didn't want her daughter to grow up in prison. Unfortunately, things hadn't worked out as she had hoped.

In the beginning, she had been grateful for what had happened. But when she later found out the truth, she had been furious. And finally, she had just become indifferent towards everything in her life. She figured that perhaps that's how people were supposed to live their lives after losing everything—just plain existence and nothing more.


wiss army knife aside, and asked furiously, "Do you really believe that you can stop that by doing this to me? " He then continued to sneer at them.

Hearing that, Shawn stopped playing with his knife. With a sly smile on his attractive face, he said, "He is laughing at you."

Obviously, he was trying to stir up trouble. Aaron frowned slightly and looked at him with a helpless expression hidden in his eyes. He respected Shawn not only because he was Brian's man, but also because he had the ability and character that was worthy of admiration. However, his tongue and his beautiful face were something that many would want to tear up, including Aaron at the moment. He knew about Shawn's temper. He didn't want anything unpleasant to happen between him and Shawn at such a critical moment. So, Aaron turned to look at Hugo.

"Why don't you wait and see?" Aaron said in a plain tone. There was still a large 'Y' sign on the laptop screen.

Hugo perceived the indifference in Aaron. He was flustered and it was seen clearly in his eyes. The corners of his mouth quivered slightly before he said, "Fine. Let's wait and see!" Hugo had installed a program in his laptop which would automatically transfer and display the contents of the specific file to all the video devices in QY Island as planned before, unless he manually unlocked his laptop in two hours. And when the files were exposed, everybody in and outside QY Island who knew Aaron would know his woman's past.

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