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   Chapter 1001 Extra Story 139 Of Aaron Handling The Problem

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Updated: 2019-07-13 12:00

Aaron froze when he heard Ximena's question. He had been subconsciously evading the possibility of such a thing happening ever since he had changed his mind and had called Freya back. Now the storm had hit without warning, leaving him totally unprepared.

Ximena pushed him and struggled out of his embrace, and he released her reflexively. She stared at him silently, waiting for his answer. Looking at her deathly pale face, Aaron sighed. Finally, he chose to answer her question and said in a low voice, "I found the truth when I received the report from the private detective whom you had asked to investigate about your aunt."

Complicated emotions flashed through Ximena's swollen, red eyes.

Seeing her sudden change in expression, Aaron said quickly, "I didn't interfere with the investigation." After a short pause, he continued, "Ximena, you know what kind of existence I am in QY Island." Seeing the changing expressions on Ximena's face, he felt his heart twist painfully. "Ken didn't give any special instruction to the private detective, and neither did I. In fact, I had no idea about the investigation that was going on. But in that circumstance and with the truth he had dug up, he thought that it might not be appropriate to tell you everything, at least not until he had consulted me about it. That's why he came to me to ask for my decision."

Ximena stared at Aaron in a daze. She had never seen any sign of doubt in that man's eyes before, but now he looked so flustered as he tried to explain the situation to her.

Although she knew that he was telling the truth, she could not forgive him for the time being. In order to comfort herself, she had to find somebody to throw the blame at. And it had to be him. She had no one else to point her fingers at.

Gently, she pushed away Aaron's hand that was about to touch her cheek. She stood up slowly and walked silently towards the door. Her steps were heavy, as if her feet and legs were made of lead. A family was something both she and Aaron were desperately eager to have, but they just couldn't attain it by any means.

All of a sudden, her body was pulled back into a pair of strong arms. Ximena blinked slightly. She could perceive the uneasiness in Aaron's body. S

around her turned pitch black and she fell to the floor, unconscious. Before she lost consciousness, she heard Aaron and Freya call out her name in panic.

"Ximena! Ximena..." Freya cried out. She looked extremely distressed.

Aaron immediately scooped up Ximena in his arms and strode out of the study and headed to her bedroom. Freya followed them in a hurry. As soon as he saw what had happened, the butler immediately dispatched a servant to get the doctor.

The doctor rushed to the manor. After a general checkup, he arranged an intravenous infusion for her. Aaron, whose face was covered in a heavy haze, was sitting by Ximena's side. The doctor turned to him and said respectfully, "Miss Mo's sudden dizziness is the result of the emotional trauma she is going through right now. She was already weak due to the fever earlier. Her rage and distress have left her very tired and the blood circulation to her brain has been slightly affected. She will be okay after a good rest." Looking at her, he continued, "But she has to rest calmly and shouldn't be stimulated again. Another episode like this might not be good for her overall health."

The doctor's tone was somewhat heavy. He sighed silently, 'She was originally in poor health when she had arrived here in the beginning. His Highness' care for the past two or so years resulted in her improved health. But now, it was getting worse because of her emotional distress. It will probably take a while for her to recover once again.'

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