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   Chapter 999 Extra Story 137 Of Aaron Dryness

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The sound of somebody knocking at the door came through. Without waiting for a response from the people inside the room, Tony let himself in. Seeing that Brian looked absent-minded, as if deep in thought, Tony announced, "Shawn says that they have found information about the remnants of 'Y'."

"Hmm," Brian answered, barely paying attention to the man he was talking to. "My cellphone was attacked as soon as I finished a phone call with Aaron." While saying that, he took a slight glance at the cellphone that was now laying on his desk. It was still hacked by Hugo.

Upon hearing what Brian said, Tony walked to the desk and picked up the cellphone. Upon seeing the "Y" on the screen, his lips contorted to a frown. "Do we need to handle this?" he asked.

"Well, yeah!" Brian answered, raising his eyes to look at Tony. "Aaron personally asked me for help. And besides, this who thing concerns Ximena."

It took Tony a few moments to acknowledge what Brian said, but after he did, he nodded, signalling that he understood Brian's sentiments. After that, he walked out of the office with the cellphone in his hand. Discovering that Ximena was concerned with the whole issue actually took Tony by surprise. After he gently closed the office's door, he stood outside the room, silent. What Brian said echoed in his mind. Mindlessly, he looked at the phone again and the imposing "Y" on it made him shiver. Suddenly, sadness colored his usually emotionless face.

Somehow, he felt the grief that Brian was feeling like it was a tangible object. He also felt it spreading from inside the office to the world outside of it. All Tony could feel was sympathy for Brian. He knew that whenever Brian heard of anything that was even a bit related to Molly, he would torture himself by all means.

With these thoughts in his mind, Tony took a deep breath and his best to regain his focus and composure. After getting himself together, he walked towards the elevator. Inside the lift, his thoughts continued to bother him. 'So what if Mr. Brian Long had already set Mrs. Molly Long free? The two of them are still unhappy.

Perhaps letting her go was the best course of action that Brian took for Mrs. Molly Long, mainly because it would prevent her from being damaged by the darkness that surround

of that handsome face. He didn't deserve anything he got! None of it!"

Hugo talked about what had happened in the past in an incoherent manner. The more he spoke, the more emotional he became, as if the reason why he was willing to talk to Aaron was not because he wanted to put forward a condition, but because he needed someone to listen to his story, to his trials and tribulations, his anger, which he had been saving up in his heart for who knew how long.

Aaron listened to him whine and shout patiently, not interrupting him or making any comments. Hugo didn't stop speaking and he just kept on talking about his grievances. As seconds dragged by, Aaron could feel frustration building up in his chest. The atmosphere around him was becoming more and more volatile, and his eyes became narrowed more than ever.

Soon, a dangerous sneer graced his lips. Looking up at the clock, he checked what time it was already. It had been ten minutes since he had adjusted the frequency to get in contact with Hugo, and it had been ten minutes since they started talking.

Ten minutes was not a long time, but it was enough for XK Intelligence Agency to gather whatever they needed to gather.


XK Intelligence Agency had a high working efficiency. With the help of ten minutes' worth of wireless frequency connection that Aaron was able to give them, they were able to determined the location of Hugo. He was in an abandoned building, a jerry-built construction in QY Island that had been stopped by the council hall by force.

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