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   Chapter 998 Extra Story 136 Of Aaron Hold Back

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"Shut up!" Ximena roared at him. Her voice still was hoarse because of what she had been through, but it seemed like she didn't care. "Aunt Freya," she said once again, looking at the older woman in front of her. "You said...You mean to tell me... What did you mean when you called me your daughter!"

"Ximena, I..." Freya could not finish her sentence because she began weeping again. Her heartbreak was palpable. "Please stop asking... Just please don't ask..." she cried and shouted. "It's all my fault, all my fault... Oh..."

Breathing heavily, gritting her teeth tightly, and clenching her hands into fists, Ximena walked towards slowly. Her footsteps were heavy, as if her feet were made out of lead. She continued until she stopped in front of Freya. Looking at her, Ximena felt sadness wash over her when she saw the tear stains that covered the old lady's face, which was wrinkled, as if she had been fighting a battle for years.

Slowly, she stretched her arms to embrace Freya. At the same time, her tears began flowing from her eyes. "Aunt Freya, Aunt Freya... Please tell me. Was what I heard just now true? You're only my aunt. Right? Am I right?" Her voice was sad, questioning and desperate. Amidst her sobs and questions, she began tightening her hold of Freya without her noticing.

Freya could do nothing but weep, neither saying yes nor saying no.

Despite the emotionality of the situation, Aaron couldn't help but frown tightly. Furrowing his eyebrows, deep lines started to appear in his forehead. As much as he wanted to solve the issue via cerebral means, he understood that there were many complicated emotions that would hinder carrying those means out.

Ken came in big strides and he was surprised to find that the door was open. Then, when saw the weeping and embracing mother and daughter duo and the frowning Aaron inside the room, he was able to guess roughly what was going on.

Seeing that Ken arrived, Aaron took one last look at the two ladies crying on each other's shoulders and then turned around and walked towards him. As Aaron came closer to him, Ken quickly raised his cellphone with the intent of showing Aaron what was on it. As Aaron read through, his eyes narrowed, and they became filled with murderous rage.

"Hugo was a member of 'Y', the well-known international hacker group. After a big operation, he was chosen by the leader of the group as the scapegoat and then was imprisoned," Ken expounded, giving more background to the information that had been found. "Because of that, he survived the immediate destruction of 'Y'."

As he heard th

e, Brian was furrowing his eyebrows. His eyes were fixed on the screen of a computer that was now connected to the server of QY Island. Seeing the "Y" floating on the screen, his face was colored with confusion. Many years ago, Ryan had used this hacker group to attack the oil exploration system of Sun Island in order to force Shirley and Richie to part. He had heard that from Wing. He hadn't expected that he would see this logo again after so many years. "How long can you hold him back?" he asked in a completely apathetic voice, going straight to the point.

"One day at most," Aaron answered. He could not help but sigh silently, because this one day factored in that he would be able to get in touch with Hugo. Finally giving up and considering the possibility that he would not be able to get in touch with Hugo as soon as he had hoped, he added, "Well, two hours at least."

Hearing his answer, Brian said, "I will contact you later." After saying that, he hung up the phone. His fingers slid around on the screen of the cellphone, but finally the screen was covered by "Y"... 'Truly a top-tier hacking program, ' he thought.

He threw the cellphone aside and switched to his laptop. While his fingers were flying over the keyboard, typing strings of character, instructions began being sent out. After a short while, an instruction came back... Because of the incident that had happened in Sun Island many years ago, Richie had established a hacker group under XK Intelligence Agency. He had done it as soon as he had taken over the organization. With the development that came with time, the hacker group under XK Intelligence Agency played an increasingly important role in the society.

They were Aaron's only hope.

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