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   Chapter 997 Extra Story 135 Of Aaron Hold Back

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7187

Updated: 2019-07-12 20:37

As soon as she walked out of the shop, Freya went to the manor by taxi. For the time being, all communication devices on QY Island were disabled. The letter kept flashing on the screen of every device in QY Island that could play a video. It was repeated endlessly, like it was brainwashing the people who saw it. It occupied the sight of every person in QY Island. It only took one morning for this attack to spread across all of QY Island. People read it like they were reading a serial story, and now they were curiously anticipating for an update.

When the taxi arrived at the manor, Freya practically threw her fare to the driver and got off the car as quickly as possible. Then she strode through the gates of the manor and started running towards the main house. The gatekeeper and every servant gave a salute to her as soon as they saw her, but she was not in the mood to pay attention to them. She kept running until she saw Aaron in his study.

"Did Hugo know what happened between you and his brother?" Aaron asked her, though he knew clearly how useless it was to ask.

At the moment, Freya could not be more flurried. It seemed like she didn't hear Aaron's question. She only looked at Aaron in the hope that he would be able to rectify the current situation. "Your Highness, what do we do? What do we do?" she mumbled, hugging herself as if she was holding herself together. The whole thing has stressed her out to the point of madness, and not knowing what to do was making it worse. "I can't let Ximena know this. Otherwise... What can I do?" she mumbled again.

Looking at Freya, whose face looked deathly pale at the moment, Aaron's face contorted into frustration. He said, "The reason why I wanted you to leave was because of this. I was afraid that this kind of thing would happen. And surprise, it did." As long as Freya stayed by Ximena's side, she would become a time bomb sooner or later. Ximena would not live a life that had nothing to do with the past unless Freya left.

Regret could be seen in her eyes. Half a year ago, she had been unwilling to leave though she had already agreed to do. She was unwilling to part

, Aaron felt his heart ache. There was nothing else he wanted at that very moment than to have Ximena's pain for himself. He opened his mouth, "Ximena..."

"Don't say anything!" Ximena interrupted him, preventing him from finishing what he wanted to say. Her eyes were once again on Freya, who was sitting on the floor, looking stunned by her sudden appearance. "Aunt Freya, you... you," Ximena said, heaving as if she was out of breath. While she truly wanted to know what the truth was, in her heart, she already knew what it was and was dreading it with all her being. Her face, which was already deathly pale, looked as if life had already escaped it. "You, you..." she mumbled, her voice shaking. She was trying to calm herself by taking deep breaths, but it only sounded like she was barely holding on to dear life. "Aunt Freya..." she stuttered. "What did you say just now? Why... Why did you refer to me as your daughter?"

After hearing Ximena's question, Freya came back to her senses. Slowly, she stood up from the floor and looked at her daughter with teary eyes. She didn't know what to say or how to begin to explain to her everything.

Aaron looked at Ximena, his stare deep. He was afraid that Freya's wailing would wake Ximena up from her sleep, and unfortunately, it did. However, everything became worse—she heard more. "Ximena, there is something..." he started, taking the pressure off of Freya to explain.

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