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   Chapter 996 Extra Story 134 Of Aaron Hold Back

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"This story started 27 years ago. At that time, QY Island was much less developed than it is today, but the environment was somewhat 'warm' back then. The beginning of this story harks back to that time.

My elder brother had grown up as a star in our community. He was handsome, smart, and hell, he was even very lucky, as if he was really God's favored one. He was a child that every parent and every teacher wanted, and every peer admired or envied him. Inevitably, every child around him was compared to him, especially me. I lived under his shadow, and by no means did I like it. Whenever I met people, they would always identify me as his younger brother. Because of that, I gradually became afraid of living, of life.

When I was younger, I was active in my life. But after everything that I had experienced, I became shy and quiet, as if I was trying to make myself invisible. Nobody else knew why I changed. It was only me who knew that he was the one who pushed me over the edge. "

"What's this?" a passer-by asked while looking at the big screen on the wall of a shopping mall with his wide open eyes. Gradually, more and more people stopped by the big screen and gathered around the man as their attention was grabbed as well. One man looked at his cellphone and all of a sudden, he screamed, "This appeared on the screen of my cellphone..."

"Oh my God! This happened to my tablet too!"

"Have a look! Hurry! A mobile advertisement for a car changes into this too..."


It was an unprecedentedly chaotic morning in QY Island. In addition, it was also foggy and hazy—mainly the result of the heavy rain that had poured all throughout the night prior. As people breathed the cold and moist air, they became even more uneasy.

The government, with the cooperation of the Security Bureau, began investigating the incident, trying to figure out the source of the hack. Unfortunately, the suspect was a master hacker and was able to clean all his traces, and was even naughty enough to put useless information in the places he knew would be investigated, just to throw the authorities off-track.

"Since I stayed at home most of the time, the computer was my only company. At first, I was only using it to kill time, but gradually I found that usi

There were some information about Hugo on there, the younger brother of Manson. However, the document didn't go into details. As far as Aaron could remember, it only said that he had been sent abroad to have his psychosis treated and that he had never returned to QY Island since then.

A possibility came into Aaron's mind. 'Of course, nobody noticed that he came back, ' he thought. It would be an easy job for a master hacker to let himself into their island with no one else noticing. With that, Aaron's mind ran through many different people, connections, and solutions that would end Hugo once and for all.


In "Only Memory", the staff were exclusively talking about the stir caused by the hacker earlier that day. Freya was reading the scrolling through the long letter on the screen of the television in the shop. Gradually, her breath became short and her face turned deathly pale.

"Aunt Freya, is there anything wrong with you? Are you feeling sick?" the shop manager asked hastily when he found that Freya's face didn't look good. "Do you need me to send you to the hospital?"

Hearing the shop manager's question, Freya came to herself and looked at the shop manager with her unfocused eyes. "I, I'm fine..." she said. "Well, Ximena hasn't come in yet. I, I'm going to see if anything is wrong with her..." While saying that, she grasped her handbag in a hurry and ran towards the door of the fashion design shop. The shop manager looked very confused, not understanding what was going on.

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