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   Chapter 995 Extra Story 133 Of Aaron Wishes

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The rain fell on the glass window, creating a rhythmic melody. As she sat by the dinner table and looked at the birthday cake in front of her, Freya felt her nose ache, and her eyes turned red immediately.

'More than twenty years...' she thought. Her birthday hadn't been celebrated in the last twenty years. Subconsciously, she wanted to forget what this date had meant to her, because she had been too happy on the last birthday she had celebrated. It was a painful memory...

It was a night very much like this one, a rainy winter night...

Without saying a word, Manson had grabbed her hand and pulled her outside. She had had no idea about what was going to happen when they had arrived at the log cabin by the seaside. When he opened the door of the log cabin, she saw that a few small spot lamps had been placed appropriately to look like the shape of a heart. The candlelights had been extinguished by the rain and the wind. The scene in front of her had looked somewhat comical at the time. Nevertheless, she had been moved by his actions.

He had sung the birthday song for her; he had stared at her with his burning eyes... That night, she had been so happy that she got slightly drunk, and he had forgotten himself as he was over the rainbow with joy. On the chilly wooden floor, she had laid down for the first time, for him.

"Freya, you look so beautiful..."

When those words from him came to her mind, Freya's eyes turned teary. Although more than twenty years had passed since that night, she still remembered everything that had happened very clearly. Even the tiny details were imprinted in her heart. Every kiss, every stroke...

The notch in her heart was torn by those painful memories. As she thought about everything that had happened after that dreamy night, a weird smile appeared on her face, which was chilly and horrifying.

"Aunt Freya?" Ximena called her. Frowning slightly, she looked at Freya, who had a weird expression on her face. Then she looked at Aaron, who looked indifferent as usual. She could not understand why her aunt looked so gloomy instead of being happy on her birthday.

Aaron knew that she had remembered what had happened in the past. That was why he didn't want to celebrate Freya's birthday. He didn't want her to face her wounds from the past, and he didn't want Ximena to feel confused either. However, he had to give in and support Ximena's wishes. He had agreed to help her celebrate the birthday in a simpl

like the kitchen to serve her breakfast later?"

Aaron frowned slightly and looked at the time in his watch. He was surprised. It was already half an hour later than the time Ximena usually got up. "I'm going to take a look. Tell the kitchen to prepare the breakfast," he ordered. He stood up and walked towards Ximena's bedroom.

As soon as he opened the bedroom door, he knew that there was something wrong with Ximena's breathing; it was somewhat heavy and unsteady. He quickly strode towards her and sat down by the side of her bed. He saw that Ximena had difficulty breathing and her closed eyes quivered slightly. She looked uncomfortable.

"Ximena, Ximena..." Aaron called her name in a soft voice, but Ximena didn't react to his voice at all. Frowning, he stretched his hand to touch her face. Feeling her temperature, his brows knitted.

He called his doctor immediately and the latter arrived at the manor very soon. After doing a general checkup on Ximena, the doctor diagnosed that she had caught a cold and had a low fever because of some malignant virus. He prescribed an intravenous infusion and corresponding medicines for her. After making sufficient arrangements, the doctor left.

At that same time, all the video devices of QY Island, including public LED screens, televisions, computers and cellphones, were attacked by an unknown hacker. Everyone's attention was drawn to the long report which had appeared on the screens. They were confused, but also curious about the report. They could not help but read it. And in the end, the whole of QY Island was flooded in public discussions about the content of the report.


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