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   Chapter 994 Extra Story 132 Of Aaron Wishes

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"Wait," Aaron stopped him. When Ken turned around to face him, he continued, "Fulfill both their wishes one by one." His eyes became dark and distant as he said that. "Put them both in a higher, happy place. So that, when they fall off the edge, one of them will be willing to be the other's crash pad."

Ken looked solemn, but he nodded nevertheless. Then he turned around and left the office silently.

Aaron had lost his appetite. Slowly, he leaned against the sofa and lit a cigarette. He took a slight drag and blew the smoke out. The smoke curled upwards in front of him, making his handsome face look shadowy.

If and when the two of them fell from their happy place someday, Freya would willingly be Ximena's crash pad in order to protect her daughter. But if Ximena found out his intention, he knew that she would probably hate him for the rest of her life.

Nevertheless, for the time being, he could not figure out a better way to make her happy while fulfilling her wish to be with her "Aunt".

The mistakes that had been made by their parents in the past, had jointly resulted in the current situation they were in. It was like an invisible vortex that he had no control over.

Time flew especially fast since Ximena was extremely happy. Summer was left behind soon, followed by autumn. Winter was not too far away now... Sometimes, life changed in the blink of an eye. Only a moment before, Ximena had been miserable because she had been an orphan in the world; but now, she was immersed in pure joy as she spent her days with her blood relative—her own Aunt.

Half a year had passed since Ximena had found her Aunt Freya. During this time, for Ximena's sake, Freya had quit her previous job as a nanny, and also stopped working at the Grand Night Casino after a while. Now, she mainly looked after Ximena at "Only Memory", and cooked lunch for her employees there. Ever since she had joined them, the store had become warmer, just like its name.

Freya had never been to Aaron's manor for her own reasons. Ximena thought that it was because she wasn't accustomed to such a grand house. So she bought for her a two-bedroom

which was nowhere in sight now. A treacherous smile played at the corners of his mouth. He took out his cellphone and dialed a number. The call connected immediately. "I checked the photos. I'm sure that the woman by her side is the one in the photo you gave me. Just that she is much older than in the photo..." he said with a smirk.

"Then, it's true," the person on the other end of the phone sneered. His voice was filled with greed. "We are going to make a fortune. Ha!"

"I hope what you're saying about this fortune comes true," the man with the camera said, "If it doesn't, I will end up with a lot of losses over a bunch of useless pictures after risking being found by those two women or the owner of this camera, who is my boss' mistress."

"Set your heart at ease. I'm sure the photos will be extremely useful," the man said from the other end. "If Ximena Mo wasn't Aaron's woman, I would not have dared to guarantee it, but she is!"

A gloomy laughter came through the phone. Hearing it, the man with the camera rolled his eyes. He turned around and left. "I hope so..." His words went unheard because of the loud sound of the rainfall and he disappeared into the darkness.


Dinner was served in the garden house. Even though it was already winter, the roses in the garden house were still in full bloom. They looked delicate and charming, making people forget about the cold air and heavy rain outside.

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