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   Chapter 993 Extra Story 131 Of Aaron Wishes

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Freya saw what Aaron had done for Ximena from the beginning. He looked totally different from the man she had seen last night. Today, he was a man who pampered his woman in a way that would make any woman envious of Ximena. It seemed that they had fallen in love with each other deeply.

Ximena had no idea how important Aaron's conference had been which she had interrupted, but the senior executives of Leng's Corporations were clearly aware that hundreds of millions of dollars were at peril for every minute they delayed the conference. However, Aaron had put the conference on hold for her sake, and had even accompanied her to wait for Freya at the cafe.

"Sir," Aaron's secretary greeted him, as she quickly walked towards him to hand over the documents she had just sorted out. "The senior executives in charge of the European and American markets have integrated their opinions as you have directed. They are waiting for your orders to proceed with the conference."

Aaron took the documents from her and walked into his office without saying a word. Ken turned on the monitor and the images of the senior executives appeared in several blocks on the screen. They were all from different parts of the world, and the time difference was evident from their varying backgrounds.

"Let's carry on with the conference," Aaron declared in an indifferent tone. He listened to their reports as he read the documents in his hands. He quite easily managed the multi-tasking with no hurry. "Approved," he gave the first order. The senior executive in charge of the Finnish market, who had finished reporting, silently sighed in relief.

Aaron went on to listen to the report of the next senior executive. After signing his name on one of the documents which the secretary had given him a while ago, he frowned slightly and raised his head to look at the person who was giving his report. "Stop. I don't want to hear such a tedious report. Next!" he said. He began to read the remaining documents, totally ignoring the look of defeat on the executive's face.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, it was noon.

Aaron checked the time on his watch. After taking a short glance

ill enjoying her happy moments with her Aunt, without thinking too much about the details. She is very smart. I think she will soon find out that something is wrong." A woman who was able to win Aaron's heart would by no means be an idiot. The reason why Ximena had been humble for so many years was because of the limitations of her background and her life at the time. But once she was given a platform, she repaid with double the excellence. She had already proved her capability. It was one of the reasons why Aaron was attracted to her.

Hearing Ken's words, Aaron stopped eating. His sight fell on the food on his plate, but his eyes gradually turned deep. He said slowly, "Then let her be happy forever."

Ken was a bit stunned. He could not understand why Aaron would make such a decision. The higher the position one climbed, the more severely it would hurt when they fell off the edge. Nobody knew that better than Aaron did.

After all, due to her secret, Freya was like a time bomb. Although she might never want to hurt Ximena intentionally, nobody could foresee how things would happen in the end. But, just as Ken had said, Ximena was very smart and sensitive. Once she calmed down from her current joy, she would realize that everything that had happened was completely abnormal. Ken figured that there was probably no other choice.

"Yes, Your Highness," he said with a silent sigh. Then he turned around, about to leave the office.

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