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   Chapter 992 Extra Story 130 Of Aaron Disappearance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5946

Updated: 2019-07-12 00:02

While saying that, Ximena had tears streaming down her cheeks and waved her hands about flustered. She had lost all self-control and was pacing the room, muttering her thoughts out loud in a panic, "What can I do...what? She's gone ...missing!" All of a sudden, she grasped Aaron's arm and pleaded with him, "Aaron, help me find her! Would you please help me look for her. Please?"

Aaron stared at Ximena, taken aback. He'd never seen her behave in such a way or be so anxious before. She wasn't her usual arrogant self.

When she realized that Aaron was only staring at her without saying a word, Ximena closed her eyes to compose herself. When she opened them again, she fixed them on Aaron's. "Will you help me find her?" she asked in a calmer tone.

"Okay." The words slipped out unintentionally from his lips, and he grimaced slightly. However, when he saw the hope and aspiration burning in her beautiful almond eyes, he felt that perhaps he shouldn't have given in to her and make such a promise.

It wouldn't be until sometime later that Aaron would discover that his weakness of giving into Ximena now, and his greed for her being happy would result in hurting Ximena deeply.

At the airport, Ken stopped the plane just before the cabin door was about to close. Freya stared up at him in confusion. Without offering her any explanation, Ken whisked her off the plane and put her into the car, heading straight to the urban area.

Ken knew that anybody else other than Aaron could not have made such a decision. He also knew that nobody except for Ximena would be able to change Aaron's mind.

It was evident what had happened. 'His Highness couldn't bear to see Ximena so miserable and had a change of heart, ' Ken thought.

With these thoughts in mind, he s

ter and then shortly after, the waiter brought some desserts and drinks to the table. Aaron said, "You may chat with your aunt here. I have to go back to the company. How about having lunch together later on? "

"You don't need to take care of us if you're busy," Ximena said with a bright smile on her face, raising her eyebrows and winking slightly to Aaron in a cheeky manner. Meanwhile, she lifted her chin slightly, which indicated her hidden intention of challenging Aaron. Aaron found that she had regained her arrogance once again.

After looking at her with his deep eyes for a moment, he bent slightly to give her a soft kiss on the forehead. "Even though I'm busy, I will make the time to have a meal together with you and your aunt," he responded.

In an instant, Ximena's face became as red as a cooked shrimp. She looked at Aaron with anger and embarrassment in her eyes. Aaron's eyes turned dark. With an almost invisible smile at the corners of his mouth, he stood up. After saying goodbye to Freya by the gesture of a slight nod, he turned around and left impartially. Ximena sat and watched Aaron leave and could do nothing but make a face behind his back.


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