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   Chapter 991 Extra Story 129 Of Aaron Disappearance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5998

Updated: 2019-07-11 17:36

She couldn't help but laugh at herself with self-ridicule as she shuffled past the welcoming smiles of the flight attendants while she boarded the plane. At this point, Freya knew she had to say goodbye to everything in the past, no matter how painful it was for her to let go.



Ximena slammed the brakes on as the car skidded to a stop at the front of the Leng's Corporations building. The security personnel immediately came to the vehicle while everyone else around stared in shock, wondering who could be so bold and do such an unacceptable act. She pushed the car door open and slammed it shut then walked quickly with determination into the building. When the security personnel saw who it was that got out of the car, they stepped aside to make way for her to pass as they gazed on in confusion.

Everybody that had paid particular attention to Aaron would know that Ximena was his woman, let alone the security personnel of Leng Corporations, all of whom were quite sensible.

"Miss Mo." The employee at the front desk immediately stood up and greeted Ximena when she noticed Ximena stride towards the elevator with a resolute expression. She hastily ran to open the VIP elevator that went directly to the top floor. "This way, please," she said gesturing to the elevator.

Despite her great anxiety, Ximena nodded slightly to the employee as a sign of gratitude before she strode into the elevator.

"Miss Mo has never visited the company before. I wonder why she has come here today?" the employee from the front desk asked, confused in a low voice while looking at the closed elevator door.

Another employee who was standing by her side shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "Who knows?"

"Well, I think Miss Mo is so lucky," the employee from the fro

he monitor. He then turned off the video call with the remote.

Pursing her lips, Ximena entered the CEO room, whereas the secretary stood gingerly at the door and looked at Aaron with a pale face. Aaron glanced at her without any sign of anger or ill-feeling in his eyes and hinted for her to leave. She bowed slightly with the utmost respect and left closing the door behind her. It wasn't until that moment that the secretary's heart fell from her throat back to her chest and she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Why have you come here?" Aaron asked calmly but with a hint of concern in his voice. He looked at Ximena in seeming confusion, and then stood up and walked over to her.

"Aaron, My aunt is missing!" she cried out in desperation through teary eyes.

Although he wasn't at all surprised, he felt his heart skip a beat because of the sadness in Ximena's expression and words. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"My aunt is missing. She's missing!" Ximena howled. "I went to see her just now, but I couldn't find her anywhere. She didn't go to work today, and she wasn't at her house either. She only left a message on a piece of paper to the landlady of the house... She's missing!"

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