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   Chapter 990 Extra Story 128 Of Aaron Disappearance

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Inside the house, Ximena looked around. It wasn't a big room, and there weren't many things in it either. Nearly everything visible was a basic necessity of life. Ximena noticed an old worn desk with a rusty table lamp on it in the corner. The desk and table lamp would only be kept and used by someone who had lived very poorly.

She walked to the desk and slowly pulled the drawer open. Inside the drawer was an old tin biscuit box that was just as rusty and worn as the table lamp.

Ximena carefully removed the box from the drawer and opened it. The biscuit tin was filled with many receipts. "QF Orphanage, SY Shelter, XX Orphanage, XX Orphanage..." she mumbled as she sifted through all the receipts. All of the receipts were of donations that Freya had made to many different orphanages. It seemed that she had donated money every month for many years, so the tin box was full of them.

Ximena's heart filled with sorrow and pain while her eyes became moist. Although she didn't know the reason why her aunt donated money to orphanages regularly, she had never felt so grieved as she did now. She was hurting so much that it was suffocating her as if her whole body was being twisted.

She raised her head slightly and blinked back the tears that were threatening to spill down her cheeks and swallowed the lump in her throat. After heaving a heavy sigh, she composed herself before walking out of the decrepit house. Ximena strode directly towards her car with her eyes fixed in that direction. She completely ignored the flattering smile on the woman's face who had been waiting outside for her. She got into the car and accelerated hard, leaving a trail of dust behind her.


Meanwhile, at the International Airport of QY Island.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Flight QW7832 to A City, will close the boarding channel in twenty minutes,"

the pleasant voice of a ground service staff came through the broadcast. Dressed in humble clothes, Freya looked out of place amongst the crowd. She hung her head down low as she looked miserably at the first class ticket in her hand. The mixed emotions that she was feeling right now were too complicated to be described. Freya had a feeling of helplessness, hesitation, entanglement, bitterness

! Don't ever come and disturb our lives ever again!" she said in a cold and spiteful voice. While she spat the words out, she glared at Freya who had collapsed in a sobbing, inconsolable heap. She added, "Do as I said, for her sake!"

"Thank you. Please board the plane," the staff said politely with a welcoming smile.

Freya took her boarding pass and shuffled forward silently without turning her head back. 'In the past, because of certain circumstances, I wasn't allowed to disturb Gracie, Manson, and my child. How can I disturb Ximena's life now?' she thought mournfully. Although she desperately longed to embrace Ximena, she was aware that she couldn't do that. Given Ximena's position in QY Island at present, how could she humiliate her by having a mother such as herself? How could she taint her daughter's reputation with what Freya had done in the past?

The thoughts came like a cruel slap across the face for Freya, as she took slow, heavy steps towards the plane. Passengers rushed past her bumping into her with their luggage, but she didn't react at all. She had never left QY Island despite all the hardships, and she had lived like a pauper because she donated all of her money to the orphanages. Freya reflected on what she had done for all of those years since being released from prison, which she had always denied herself of the truth. However, now she had no choice but to admit, the only reason why she had done everything that she did was to see her daughter again.

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