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   Chapter 989 Extra Story 127 Of Aaron Disappearance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7585

Updated: 2019-07-11 00:12

Ximena's good mood had extended to the next morning when she got up after having a long sweet dream, in which her aunt appeared in her life. She yawned and slowly opened her eyes. The morning sunlight came through the floral patterned sheer curtain and sprinkled the room with delicate golden light. After raining heavily during the whole night, it was as if the heavens had smiled upon Ximena and granted her a beautiful day to match her calm and cheerful demeanor.

She stretched her slender limbs lazily in the bed and turned her head to the side only to find that the bed was already empty. Reaching across, she touched the pillow with her hand, and could still feel some warmth there. Unless Aaron was away on a business trip or there had arisen some other exceptional circumstance, they would sleep together in the same bed, now. Even if they had been quarreling, there was no exception. Perhaps it was because unknowingly, neither of them was willing to drive a wedge between their relationship.

Ximena rolled over to Aaron's side of the bed, and a cheeky grin suddenly appeared on her face when she remembered what had happened last night. 'Sometimes it's fun to play tricks on him, ' she thought, as she got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash and groom herself. Once she had dressed, she went to the dining room, had a simple breakfast, and left the manor. She made a stop to "Only Memory" first. Then after quickly organizing today's work for the staff to do, she drove to the suburb where Freya worked as a nanny. Ximena wanted to find a more suitable house to buy for her aunt in that area, which would then be closer to the home where her aunt currently worked. Also, the residential area where her aunt lived was dangerous, and the house was old and run-down.

Shortly after, Ximena arrived at the address and parked the car out the front of a western-style house where Freya was working. While remaining in the driver's seat, Ximena glanced out of the car window and noticed the same man that she had seen in the house yesterday, carrying a garbage bag to the dumpster bin.

All of a sudden Ximena shuddered and got a chill up her spine, she frowned for a brief moment but didn't think anything of it and then proceeded to get out of the car s

at I could go to that place written on the note to get her wage to pay for those expenses," she complained while rolling her eyes. "I wouldn't have rented this house to her had I known she was so pitiful!"

Ximena scowled at the woman and unfolded the note in her hand. She read what was scribbled down on the piece of paper, and it was just as the woman had said. Ximena's heart sank, and she was overwhelmed with sadness. At the same time, she felt outraged by the way this woman spoke ill of her aunt, which was evident by the expression on her face. Ximena opened her handbag and pulled out her purse, then handed the woman a generous amount of money. She glared at her and warned, "You keep everything in the house just as it is. Don't you dare touch anything inside!" The woman looked at the thick stack wad of money in her hand and couldn't conceal her happiness. When Ximena saw the obvious greed in the woman's eyes, she felt disgusted with her. She then added, "If I find anything is missing in the house, you won't get off so lightly!"

"Okay, okay, okay!" the middle-aged woman answered in a hurry. She completely ignored the apparent disgust on Ximena's face and the threat in her voice, because the money in her hand was more than enough to make her happy. She was almost mad with joy. When Ximena entered the house, the woman was still gloating and couldn't believe her good fortune. She mumbled to herself, "I just got a free ride. The money virtually fell into my lap." She cackled with glee.

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