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   Chapter 988 Extra Story 126 Of Aaron Tension

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In a stupor, Freya found a doctor in the white gown speaking to the female prison guard. She was barely able to keep awake, but even in her daze, she managed to grasp the part where the doctor mentioned she was pregnant with a child. She tried to utter a word, but in the end, she failed and fell unconscious almost immediately.


The honking of the car pulled her back to reality and away from the painful memories of the past. She looked blankly at the taxi which slowed down as she mechanically raised her hand, and got into the car.

Even the rain glowed neon in the downtown lights, falling from winter chilled clouds that blotted out the last of the sunset. Somehow it calmed her, seeing the night sky so dark and the street lights reflecting in every single drop making it look like a speck of gold. Freya closed her eyes slowly, trying to forget all the pain.

"2083, you've been charged with abusing an infant." The warden looked at the crying baby, who was then less than a year old, and said coldly, "Take her away."

"No! Please don't that! Please..." She held the crying baby in her arms and looked imploringly at the prison guard walking towards her. "I didn't abuse the baby. She was suffering from a fever! I would never hurt my baby. Please! Please don't take my baby away! Please, stop! Give me my baby back!"

Her gasping wails echoed through the prison halls but no one came forward to show sympathy. She tried to fight off the guard, disregarding the consequences. All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain shoot up from her leg as she crumbled to the floor on her eyes. The last thing she remembered before her consciousness left her was the image of a guard holding a long electric rod!

The pain of losing her child was far greater than any pain she had endured. As she heard its crying voice, she desperately muttered, "Don't take away my baby, please..."

"Miss, we've arrived at your destination. Miss? Hello? !"

"Excuse me? Oh! I'm sorry !" Suddenly, she came back to herself. She looked at the driver blankly at first, and then paid the fare with complete sobriety. Then she got out of the car and left in a hurry.

The taxi driver watched her dash away right ahead as he shook his head and signed. "What's wrong with her? I wonder why You Highness personally arranged a car for her." After Freya disappeared into the door of her house, the driver withdrew his sight and drove away.

Meanwhile, comfortably sitting on the sofa in the living room, Ximena meticulously drew designs, outlining the lines of clothes in a few strokes. She smiled to herself, seemingly happy and giddier than usual.

"Miss, won't you get some rest tonight?" The steward looked at the clock on the wall, then at the heavy rain outside and said, "Your Highness said that he would be back late."

"Don't worry about me. You should go and get some sleep," said Ximena, maintaining her concentration. "I will wait for him."

There was a sparkle in her eyes, which even she was unaware of.

Pleased to see her so happy, the steward couldn't help smiling affectionately. The t

arms around his neck and pecked his lips, "All right! I am going to go to bed now. Good night..." Then she tried to push him away.

But he remained motionless, still half pressing on her body. He squinted and said slowly, "Well, I am in bad mood......" He paused for a moment and sneered, "How about sharing some of your happiness with me?"

People's emotions needed to have an outlet, even if there was a gap of estrangement between them.

He kissed her, and just as the two people were about to go further, she suddenly pushed him away. She took a deep breath and said, "No... I am having my period..."

He was deeply displeased as he looked at Ximena's eyes with a strong desire burning in his heart, but no way to quell the fire. "You are doing this on purpose!" He squeezed these words out from gritted teeth.

She chuckled as if this whole train of events was nothing but some outrageous mischief meant to unnerve him.

The sudden roar of a thunder ran an immense exhilaration through his veins. He was starting to get irritated and ill-tempered.

Soon, Ximena fell asleep in Aaron's arms, while he lay there wide awake. He couldn't sleep as his mind raced about, thinking of Freya. For Ximena's sake, Freya had to leave. There was no doubt about that in his mind. He knew that Ximena would be upset but it was better to face tragedy head on than to wait and prolong the inevitable despair.

He sighed in exhaustion, gently kissing her forehead. He never gave up any chance, but there was no sign of pregnancy in her. He slowly closed his eyes and wondered, 'Is it really that hard to have a child?'

"Hmm..." Ximena knitted her eyebrows slightly, turned over and smacked her lips, curling up like a baby and pressing close to his breast. "Aunt... I have a lot of roses here."

The sound of her mumbling in her sleep disheartened him even more. Aaron opened his eyes and helplessly looked at the back of her head, before he lost himself in deep contemplation. 'Would it be right to make Freya leave?

Ximena, what shall I do so that you won't get hurt ?'.

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