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   Chapter 987 Extra Story 125 Of Aaron Tension

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"You know what I mean," Aaron's gaze, generally unsympathetic and indifferent as such, evoked little sympathy. "You are Ximena's mother."

Freya was so astonished by his words that the shock left her face in an incredulous expression. Gasping in amazement, her mouth gaped open, her face went as white as a sheet and her eyes widened like two giant saucers. " am afraid that I can't understand what you mean,"

shaking her head in utter disbelief, she said. Much to her consternation, Freya stammered and her words came in short pauses. A glossy sheen coated her eyes that wasn't there before and her thoughts scattered like there was an electrical storm in her head.

Aaron started up at her with a fiery, angry gaze, and his face contorted in disapproval and disgust.

"I don't care whether you understand it or not," Still in a calm tone he continued, "I want you to leave right now!" Looking at her tangled expression, he breathed a sigh of resignation and said softly, "Ximena enjoys your company, but... do you have any idea how Ximena will feel if the truth about her past is exposed to the public?"

Freya froze at his words, gazing at his cold face. For a moment she could't figure out a reply. She stuttered, "I..."

Aaron rose to his feet, fetched the investigation files laying on the table and placed it before her. Quickly glancing at him, she picked up the large envelope that had detailed personal information about Ximena's birth and the tears kept streaming down her face as she carefully read through the pages. It was a detailed documentation and she read through every word in every page with great importance. The more she read, the harder it was for her to contain her emotions.

"Although I am going to do my best to keep the past buried... Ximena is sure to find out the truth some day as long as you are here." He spoke with calm voice, not surrendering any sign of his emotional state.


Suddenly, a bolt of white hot lightning broke the utter blackness, cleaving the night in parts, but just for the briefest of moments. His words echoed in her mind, seeping into her heart and poisoning her from within. She was daunted both by the memories of the past and the un

one spat in her face, she squeezed her fingers to her palms and ignored the deliberate abuse. The shock made her heart skip a beat. Would it make a difference to the world if her heart stopped beating at all? Could the trauma of physical abuse outweigh mental agony?!

She would get pushed, punched and kicked on a daily basis and she would endure it all with a dull look in her eyes. It was no longer a matter of 'who' abused her, it had become a matter of 'when'. She figured it would stop when they would get tired.

"Oh no! She is bleeding!" Someone screamed out loud, looking at Freya writhing on the ground in pain.

"There's blood on her pants!" Another inmate said, "Maybe she is just menstruating ?"

The pain was excruciating.

Pain rushed through her body like an igniting fire. Her eyes squeezed closed as her face contorted. Never had she ever experienced such pain in her life. She could feel her head spinning and she grabbed a fistful of her hair as if pulling on it helped to ease the pain. She pushed her hand to her abdomen, overwhelming pain controlled her actions.

Against the heavy downpour, she heard the wailing of the ambulance sirens that night. The fragments of her memories flashed sights from the inside of an ambulance before she eventually fell into darkness.

When she regained consciousness and fluttered her eyes open, her hands were cuffed to the bedpost.

"She's two months pregnant. We've checked the baby in her womb. All is well."

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