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   Chapter 985 Extra Story 123 Of Aaron Ximena's Biological Mother

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7086

Updated: 2019-07-10 14:23

"Freya! Freya, look!" Jenna said excitedly, her eyes glowing. She mysteriously raised the object in her hand in front of Freya and said happily, "Look! I got it."

Freya was confused at first and then looked carefully at the object in her sister's hand. As soon as she recognized it, she was thrilled. She held Jenna's arms and jumped up and down, screaming, "How did you get it? Ahh! Sister, tell me! Is this the only one?" As she was jumping cheerfully, the two braids she wore also swayed up and down. She added, "I want one as well… please..."

Jenna raised her chin slightly and said proudly, "This one was rather hard to get. How many do you think I have?" As she spoke, she also caught a glimpse of the anxiety and eagerness spreading over Freya's face. She then asked slowly, "Do you want it?"

"Of course I do!" Freya pursed her lips. Slightly pulling her sister's arm, she pleaded, "Sister, my sweet sister, please! Please…"

"I will give it to you," Jenna Fu turned sideways to look at Freya Fu and said, "If you come back to our Fu Family residence, I'll give it to you."

Freya's actions slowed down immediately. Her face became stiff and indifferent, and she said flatly, "Fine, it doesn't matter if you don't want to give it to me. Humph! I'll figure out a way to get it as well."

Jenna knew that her half-sister Freya was just avoiding coming back home. She felt her heart clench. Yet, she stuck the photo into Freya's face and said, pouting her lips, "I got this after doing a week of free chores for him. How do you think you will get one so easily?" She sat in her seat showing her back to her sister and continued depressingly and even a bit angrily, "I spent so much effort on it, but you are not willing to give me any hope, not even a blur of hope."

Looking at the frustrated look on Jenna's face, Freya felt a little guilty. She smacked her lips and sat down next to her. Freya grabbed Jenna's arm affectionately, and said with a sweet smile, "Sister... My dearest sister… You're the best." She put her chin on Jenna's arm, and looked at her sister's pouting face, her beautiful apricot

ll drive you back after dinner," Ximena said earnestly. Looking at the drizzle outside, she continued in a sad tone, rather unwilling to part with Freya, "Auntie, you are not going to refuse this too, are you?"

Freya shook her head. "I won't." She smiled and said, "Okay! Let's go."

They left the restaurant and walked towards her car. Ximena smiled and opened the door for Freya, then walked around and sat in the driver's seat. Without Freya's guidance, she drove her home easily. She was quite familiar with the dilapidated houses and tube buildings where the lower-class people of QY Island lived. Seeing Freya living in a shabby place like that, she felt bad for her, although she clearly knew that the environment for people like her was always this bad.

"Auntie, I was wondering if you…" Ximena hesitated slightly, looking at the dilapidated houses around her, "Can you tell your employer that you will resign tomorrow? If you feel bored after resigning from here, you can work at my store. And if you want to do something else, then I can—"

"Let's talk about this later," Freya interrupted her. "When I got out of prison, only my current employer was willing to hire me. So, I really appreciate him. I have been working there for a long time, for both the old master and the new young master. If you ask me to leave now... I am afraid I might not be able to get used to a different lifestyle."

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