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   Chapter 984 Extra Story 122 Of Aaron Ximena's Biological Mother

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Ximena looked at Freya doubtfully, but she still replied, "I'm 26 now."

Freya frowned slightly, glued her attention on Ximena, and whispered something under her breath. After a few seconds, Ximena saw growing doubts emerge in Freya's eyes.

She held her breath, looked right into Freya's eyes and asked earnestly, "What's the matter?" She had seriously investigated everything about Freya. It turned out that she was her mother's half-sister, and before that particular incident, they had a really good relationship with each other.

As Freya silently observed Ximena's face, her vision became blurred due to the thin layer of mist that was covering her eyes, while her hands trembled, making it difficult to hold the chopsticks. She looked up and down excitedly at Ximena for a while before saying in a trembling tone, "You… you are…" After a pause, a strange emotion flickered in her eyes, but soon vanished. She finally asked, "Are you really my sister's daughter?"

Ximena nodded and she felt her nose tickle. After she saw Freya's excited expression, her earlier doubts about Freya's reaction completely disappeared. She smiled faintly, but tears ran down her cheeks. After she had struggled desperately for so many years, believing that she was an orphan, it turned out that she still had a living relative in the world.


Aaron stood in front of his office window with his hands in his pants pocket, looking at the dark, gloomy weather outside.

It was still raining and the dark rainy night was depressing to watch. Gradually, the street lamps were turned on one by one. Yet, Aaron felt that the shadows of passersby under the light were lonely, just as he was. The car lights converged into a beautiful flowing light under the misty rain, but no amount of pretty lights could extinguish the darkness hidden in the depths of men's hearts.

On his desk was a thick pile of files. Under the warm light, the first page of the file on top was alone visible; it was a small picture. None other than Freya's.

"Your Highness, this is the information which Miss Mo had asked me to investigate about," the private detective said as he put a thick pile of papers in front of Aaron. "I've removed all the information which shouldn't be given to her."

Although Ken had asked him to carr

ad known that the investigation would involve so many people and their secrets, he would have asked the private detective to investigate only the necessary details, and to leave out the rest. He hadn't seen this coming.

He hadn't fully thought this through and also he had personally asked the private detective to investigate thoroughly. And now, he had dug out everything that had happened years ago and even those things which should never have been brought to light.

With a deep sigh, Ken opened the door and walked out of Aaron's office.

The rain was still falling annoyingly. QY Island was surrounded by sea on three sides. Every year, at the beginning of summer, the drizzle wouldn't stop for about ten days, and it sometimes lasted for even half a month. For people who hated rainy days, such weather unwittingly brought unnecessary burden to their hearts.

However, at that moment, Ximena did not have any time to pay attention to the rain outside as she was immersed in a happy conversation with Freya. She was no longer the proud boss of her design store, or the indifferent Ximena in front of Aaron. She was but a carefree child in the presence of her beloved family. She was greatly enjoying herself, laughing happily and saying whatever she wanted. She could act like a spoiled child.

The expression in Freya's eyes was complicated, but there was always a smile on her face. As she watched Ximena's vivid and lovely facial expressions, she got lost in her own memories of the past...memories of that man. *

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