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   Chapter 983 Extra Story 121 Of Aaron The Melody

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Stepping out of the car and flapping a red umbrella open, Ximena walked forward to look at the surrounding environment and finally fixed her attention on the house in front of her where her aunt had been working since she got out of prison. Because of her criminal record, no one wanted to hire her, except for this family who gave her a chance to do some cleaning work for them... It was not until Grand Night Casino opened that she was also able to work part-time there.

All the money her aunt earned, apart from paying the rent and the daily necessities, had been donated to an orphanage.

Why would she do that? No one knew. Perhaps, she was trying to atone for the guilty feelings deeply rooted in her heart.

Ximena lifted her hand and rang the doorbell gently. Shortly after, a woman in a pair of coffee-colored casual pants and a black shirt, ran out in a hurry without holding an umbrella... The sight of the woman stopped her heart for a second and filled her with an almost unbearable sorrow.

'If mother were alive, she would be sad and heart-broken to see her sister like this, wouldn't she?' Ximena wondered.

"Hello, may I..." Freya suddenly stopped as she recognized the person under the umbrella. With a look of surprise that faded almost instantly, she said, "Oh, it's you."

She smiled, seemingly forcing her lips to curve up, "Excuse me, but what can I do for you?"

Drizzle annoyingly splattered on Freya's head and for some reason she seemed lonely. Ximena, wearing a gentle smile, asked politely, "Sorry for visiting you so abruptly. But may I ask if you are free now?"

"Me?" Because Ximena was the one who went to see her sister and brother-in-law, she was not alarmed and cautious by her sudden appearance. Her face filled with reluctance, "I haven't finished my work yet. And now is not really a good time, so…"

"It doesn't matter," said Ximena immediately, who did not want to embarrass her. "I'm not in a hurry. I can wait for you." After a pause, she asked, "When will you be off work?"

"I will only be off work after I finish making dinner…" Freya said, her face twitching awkwardly without her knowledge. "And then I need to go to the Grand Night Casino for cleaning…" So, the hidden meaning in her words was that she had no time for Ximena at all.

"It's all right," Ximena said with a smile. "I'll pick you up for dinner when you finish work here." Not allowing Freya the chance to refuse her, she quickly said, "Anyway, you still have to eat, right? And don't worry about your shift at the Grand Night Casino. I'll ask the manager to find someone to take your place today."

Freya frowned and said, "Thanks! But I really don't think that is a good idea." She didn't want to bring inconvenience to others, so she looked at Ximena with some hesitancy, "Well…

May I ask why are you looking for me? I just finished cleani

o herself, 'It's too much food for just two people. What a waste! I wonder if they will let me bring some food home with me later...' However, thinking of the woman, Freya assumed that she wouldn't consider packing the remaining food as appropriate behavior for someone of her social stature.

"Don't worry. If we can't finish it, we can ask them to pack them for us," Ximena whispered at once as if she could read her mind.

"Really?" Freya asked to confirm, and she was deeply relieved to see Ximena nod with a smile.

After a while, as they started eating, Freya eventually became less reserved and nervous. The two of them cleverly avoided the serious talk until they were so full they couldn't eat another bite. After allowing the delicious food to settle down, Freya asked cautiously, "I can't help but wonder why Miss Mo came to me today?" Meanwhile, she was pacing about in her mind like a caged tiger. 'I remember the manager said her last name is Mo. I can't believe that she has the same last name as my brother-in-law...' As she went over the same thoughts in her head, over and over again, her heart became intense and she looked at Ximena with a weird expression on her face.

Ximena noticed Freya's inquisitive eyes upon her and she said, "I was looking for you... because you are my only surviving relative in the world now!"

Freya's jaw dropped to the floor. Totally stupefied, she scanned Ximena up and down with eyes wide open, occasionally blinking. She stammered over her words for a moment before she finally managed to regain the power of speech. "Are you my sister's daughter?"

Ximena nodded, looking at Freya's dumbstruck expression, while her face conveyed an arresting spectrum of ambivalent emotions.

"How old are you?" Freya eagerly leaned in to have a closer look. Of all the questions that swirled in her mind, oddly enough, she simply chose to ask how old Ximena was...

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