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   Chapter 982 Extra Story 120 Of Aaron The Melody

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7735

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At night, the sky had been swept clean of clouds and the stars were blazing in the moonless night... The two bodies lay naked, closely interwoven on the bed, vaguely visible to each other under the dim lamplight. The room was damp with sweat and heavy breathing. A noise escaped Ximena's lips, a deep moan—like air rushing out of her mouth. She couldn't believe that she was letting this happen. More importantly, she wasn't stopping it. He did not stop until she cried out and he felt himself come in long, trembling runs.

Her body quivered in cacophonous convulsions, great guttural exaltation. She was filled with a flooding sensation as Aaron pulled her head to his and sucked the taste from her tongue. His chest heaved and they tore apart for air. "Ximena, I'm sorry..."

Her eyes were closed... They lay exhausted, side by side, gasping and panting to catch their breath. Aaron thought of a hundred reasons why she didn't respond to his words.

Aaron turned to look at Ximena and smiled, running his warm hand down her body. In the room that was twilight and shadowy, Aaron leant close enough for her to breathe in his scent. He pecked her on the lips and said, "You can't take it anymore... can you?"

Ximena lazily fluttered her eyes open and saw him watching her with his deeps eyes. She raised one of her eyebrows and with a taunting smile, she said, "Your Highness! What can I say?

Your resilience and combat prowess have indeed have doubled satisfactorily with the help of performance-enhancing medicines!"

All in a moment, Aaron's face darkened with a mirthless glare as though there had been no jocularity to begin with. In response to her blunt condescension, he said, "You mean… I couldn't satisfy you before?"

There was nothing in the world a man hated more than being insulted for his sexual prowess, or lack thereof!

Ximena could tell how angry he was, so instead of adding fuel to the fire, she smiled at him innocently, "Hey! I didn't say that... Your words, not mine."

To him, she was more beautiful than the winter sun above pristine snow; warmer than spring sunshine on soft new grass; more mesmerizing than the fall leaves. He found himself gravitating towards this extraordinarily tantalizing enchantress that caught his attention. Aaron raised his eyebrows and said, "

iple who would return the smallest favors. But... it didn't mean that anyone who helped him could cross him and get away with it. Aaron was drugged with a love-philter at his home by his niece last night. Aaron's abrupt departure from the dinner left the Commissar puzzled. It wasn't until later that the worried look on his niece's face drew the attention of her father and mother. Under their pressure and incessant inquiry, she finally confessed to recklessly drugging Aaron with a love-philter.

The Commissar's family lost sleep over the matter, fearing Aaron's wrath. After a special meeting on the morning, it wasn't until now that he managed to find some time to call Aaron and ask for forgiveness. He felt greatly relieved, as if a huge burden had been lifted, and replaced by a thrilled, yet contented feeling.

"Please bring Miss Mo to our home for dinner when you're free," the Island Commissar said politely. "My wife enjoyed her company and they seemed to have gotten along quite well with each other."

Aaron's positive reply assured both sides that peace was achieved.


After a few more minutes, they agreed to hang up and carry on with their day. Ximena stopped her car in front of a two-story house. Looking out the car window, she found flowers and plants in a small garden in front of the house, with a wooden table and a bench safely shaded by a solar umbrella. Any passer-by who would see the garden would have the impression that the owner of the house was a person who took his leisure time very seriously.

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