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   Chapter 980 Extra Story 118 Of Aaron Findings

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"I want to investigate Aaron's whereabouts," Ximena said, raising her eyebrows. "How can I investigate him properly if he were to know about it?" She noticed the muscles in his jaw tighten and continued, "Considering the current situation of our relationship, don't I have the right to find out if he has a secret mistress or not?"

He listened to her quietly while concentrating on the road. However, he was thinking about what Ximena had said. Ken knew clearly that Ximena's purpose of hiring a private detective wasn't to investigate Aaron at all. However, he couldn't discern what it could be that she would need a detective to investigate for her without letting Aaron know about it.

If Ximena tried to find a private detective by herself, Aaron would probably be informed before the investigation even began. However, if it were Ken who was to find the private detective, it would be a totally different story.

"Ximena, you'd best tell me the truth," Ken said with a sigh. "Then I'll think about it."

Ximena couldn't help but glare secretly at him. She had always known that Ken wasn't an easy going person, but she had hoped that he would make an exception for her. However, she was disappointed. "Then forget it!" she said, turning her head to look out of the car window. If Ken chose to tell Aaron about Ximena wanting to hire a private detective, then she would most likely never find out the truth of who the woman was that she had met in the cemetery.

Shortly afterward, the car arrived at the seaside.

Ken and Ximena got out of the car and walked to the small restaurant together. When the elderly couple saw that Ximena was approaching, they grinned from ear to ear and hastily laid out the various dishes they had already made on the table where Aaron was seated. Once that was all done, they prepared some food for Ken at another table.

"Try some," Aaron said, while he picked up a piece of grouper with a pair of chopsticks and placed it onto Ximena's plate. "The uncle caught this red-spotted grouper today. As soon as he got back from the sea, he called me and invited us both to come here for supper."

Ximena felt a little surp

nt sound of people shouting, crying out in disappointment, or yelling in excitement.

"Mr. Leng." The manager of the casino came downstairs in a hurry to greet Aaron as soon as the staff told him that Aaron had arrived. "Are you here to play games or..."

"I'm showing her around," Aaron said in a neutral tone. When he noticed the light of curiosity shining in Ximena's eyes, he hinted to Ken to convert some chips for her. "You need not accompany me. You may leave now. Go ahead with your own business," Aaron told the manager of the casino.

"Do you need a VIP room?" the manager asked, looking around the noisy hall, which was full of all kinds of people.

Aaron shook his head as an answer. After making a few conventional remarks, the manager left.

Ken returned shortly afterward with some chips and handed them over to Aaron. Aaron glanced at Ximena, and asked, "Have a go and see what it's like, okay?"

Ximena nodded. She looked around and saw a variety of gambling tables. Finally, she fixed her eyes on the roulette. "Is that what brother Hanson played against Mr. Brian Long? "

Aaron nodded. He wasn't surprised that Ximena knew this. She had hung out with Molly for a few days, and it was natural for them to talk about this during their seemingly endless chatting. "This is the only game that Mr. Brian Long can control and win without the help of good luck," he said as he introduced the roulette game to Ximena.

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