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   Chapter 979 Extra Story 117 Of Aaron Findings

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Ximena saw a woman who seemed to be in her late forties. She looked at Ximena in confusion, as if it was strange to see her here. The wrinkles on her face were a gift given by time. Since she looked puzzled and was frowning, the lines on her face looked much more apparent at the moment.

Ximena looked at her and then glanced at the bunch of white daisies that were in her hand. "You are?" she asked bewildered yet politely.

The woman walked over to the grave-site and placed the daisies in front of the headstone of Ximena's parents. She then took out a cloth that she had brought with her and began wiping the dust from the headstone. "This is the final resting place of my older sister and her husband. Who are you?" she asked and then turned to glance at Ximena. When she saw the astonished expression on Ximena's face, she frowned slightly. "I had noticed flowers in front of their tombstone several times before when I would come here... Were those flowers from you?" she asked as she continued cleaning the headstone.

Ximena's eyes had been fixed on the woman the whole time. First, she was stunned to see her here, and then she felt confused by what the woman had said. After thinking for a moment, she said, "Your sister and her husband are buried here?"

The woman nodded with a small smile and answered, "Yes. Is there anything wrong?" She stopped wiping the tombstone and straightened her back. "The real question is... who are you?" she asked.

"I, I..." Ximena hesitated. Looking at the photos of her parents on the tombstone, she pursed her lips into a tight straight line. However, because there were too many unanswered questions and confusion in her heart, she didn't tell the woman who she was. Instead, she looked at the woman and said, "As far as I know, she didn't have a sister. Right?"

Upon hearing that, the woman's expression had suddenly become solemn. She stroked the tombstone gently as if deep in thought about something and then with a bitter smile on her lips, she mumbled, "It was quite a long time ago. Many things happened so long ago that they seemed to have been forgotten now..." She sighed deeply, without saying any more and then looked at Ximena. "It doesn't matter who you are. Tha

and Mrs. Wang were the old couple who opened a small restaurant by the seaside. It was two years ago when Ximena had dined in their restaurant for the first time. After that delicious meal, Aaron had taken her to watch a horrible scene at a tube-shaped apartment, which she would never forget. However, during that time as well, she had seen a different side to Aaron. She had never known that he could also be gentle towards certain people until then.

That couple, who were elderly now, had used to share their food with Aaron in his childhood days after his mother's death. Ximena guessed that Aaron would probably regard them as family members.

At the thought of that, she lowered her eyes and smiled softly. After a few moments, she remembered something and looked in the rearview mirror and said, "Ken..."

"Yes, Miss Mo!" he answered immediately.

"Find a reliable private detective for me tomorrow," Ximena said. She paused for a moment and then emphasized, "I don't want Aaron to know about it."

Ken glanced back at her from the rearview mirror and noticed the serious expression on her face. He then moved his gaze back to the road ahead. Ken was in a real dilemma and didn't know whether he should say yes or no. He worked for Aaron and vowed to be loyal to him all his life, from the very first day that he had begun. Even though Ximena was different from anyone else, and she was very important to Aaron, she would never take precedence over Aaron in Ken's heart.

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