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   Chapter 978 Extra Story 116 Of Aaron A Gamble

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5913

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"Ximena," Aaron said softly, "From today, we will start a new life. I won't ask you to leave your past behind completely, and I'm not expecting you to accept me now either. But, I do cherish this new start and this moment is most valuable to me. "

Ximena took the bunch of roses from Aaron's hands. The roses had different colors, from light pink to rosy pink. Several circles of these roses made up for a beautiful bouquet.

Aaron retrieved a small velvet box from his pocket. The logo of the jewelry brand was stamped on the royal blue box. It was an enchanting 'M', which was in the shape of a streak of lightning. It was the jewelry brand which had been launched by the Leng's Corporations a year ago. The initial of Ximena's family name was used as his exclusive logo. Nobody except Aaron himself knew this.

"Even though you're able to afford anything you want now, I had prepared this gift for you a long time ago," Aaron said. His words held deep meanings which only they could understand, and he was not able to conceal the emotions that were spilling out of his eyes. He bent down so that their eyes were at the same level. "Open it," he said.

Ximena put the bouquet on the table and took the velvet box from him. She opened it slowly and saw a platinum ring inside. The lightning logo was engraved into the ring and it looked very special. Ximena recognized it. It was the ring which had not been on sale during the exhibiion when the jewelry shop had been opened a year ago.

She raised her eyes slowly to look at Aaron. He said, "When you leave me, you will have to return it."

Like a tight rope, his words tied around Ximena's heart. Even as they faced many issues, the two of them had been trying their best to get close to each other.


for her in advance, and walked into the cemetery. Her footsteps were heavy, like there were stones tied to her legs. She passed through the solemn tombstones and finally stopped in front of a double tombstone.

Staring at the two young faces on the black tombstone, she felt her nose ache and her eyes redden. Tears formed in her eyes instantly.

"Dad, Mom... Your daughter, Ximena, has come to see you..." she mumbled, trying her best to wear a smile. Her eyes could no longer keep the tears in, and hot drops slid down her cheeks and spread at the corners of her mouth. They tasted salty and bitter. She said, "I want to slowly walk out of the shadows of my past... though I still don't know if I will be able to accept him or not." Taking a deep breath, she fixed her eyes on the two black and white pictures on the tombstone. "Will you support me in this decision? Or will you hate me for it?" she asked.

A gust of bleak, chilly wind blew, swaying her long hair. She stood there silently, as still as a statue.

"Who are you?"

a confused voice came from behind her, interrupting her thoughts. Ximena came to herself. She turned around to look at the person.


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