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   Chapter 977 Extra Story 115 Of Aaron A Gamble

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6110

Updated: 2019-07-09 12:06

Aaron stared at Ximena for quite a long time, without responding to her. His eyes were deep and bottomless. What she had proposed was a gamble that neither of them was sure to win. They were about to gamble for a family. If they won, they would get to live their lives together; if they lost, they would lose everything.

Ximena waited for his response patiently. Both of them understood that it would be extremely difficult for them to start a family. However, both of them were eager for a family of their own. Perhaps in the near future, they would start a family with different people, but in this moment, they only had each other.

"Okay..." Aaron said, without showing any emotion. He gently rotated the wine glass in his hand, making the liquid inside twirl. He raised the glass and took a sip of it. The mellow wine spread throughout his mouth and slowly slid into his throat; it was bitter.

He sneered at himself. 'Aaron, you're more likely to lose this gamble, but you love seeing her bargain with you in such an arrogant manner even though it would be impossible for her to escape in the end.'

Ximena knew what Aaron was thinking. Humans were such strange creatures. Even though they could foresee the outcome, they would sometimes choose to turn a blind eye towards that truth. That was exactly what Ximena was doing right now. Perhaps, she was attempting to benumb herself this way.

Raising her wine glass casually, she said, "This is such a nice set-up. Aren't there any special surprises?" Her eyes shone brightly as she taunted him. She had a sip of the wine, and its soft taste satisfied her. She enjoyed it.

Aaron smirked at her remark and nodded to the manager, who was standing a few meters away from them, waiting for any orders from Aaron. The manager ordered something to the waiter standing ne

ted to accept it wholeheartedly.

While her mind was still in a mess, the waiter, who had been told something earlier by the manager, went to Aaron with a bunch of roses. Aaron took the roses from him and walked towards Ximena. As he handed the bunch of roses to her, he said slowly, "The story of the roses seems a bit too pessimistic. Even though the prince was fascinated by the rugosa rose for a while, he could never abandon the multiflora rose. And that's because... the multiflora rose was the one he wanted to spend his whole life with."

Ximena's pupils dilated as she understood the meaning of his words. Aaron added, "And not every prince clings on to the beauty of the rugosa rose; not every prince would forget the existence of his multiflora rose... When roses bloom, it would certainly be a sight to behold. But that shouldn't make the prince's favorite rose feel lonely."

Yes, by pure accident, Aaron had found her story. The story of the roses and the prince indicated her mixed feelings over different periods of time. If he hadn't read the story, he would have given up his hope of starting a family with her. Whenever he felt exhausted, the story was the one thing that supported his belief.

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