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   Chapter 976 Extra Story 114 Of Aaron A New Start

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Standing at the entrance of the restaurant, Ximena saw Aaron, who was in a dark gray suit. The precise tailoring of his clothes made him look taller. His back still looked lonely and arrogant, but it was undeniably attractive. Nobody could take her—or even a "he"'s—eyes away from him.

Perhaps it was because he felt he was being gazed at by somebody that he turned around slowly. As soon as he saw Ximena, who looked cool and sophisticated, his eyes was sparked with loving gentleness and the rigid profile of his face turned softer.

He strode towards her and stopped in front of her, so close that she could feel his breath. Before he opened his mouth, Ximena said, "Is it necessary to make so much fuss? We're only here to have lunch." Looking around, she estimated that it might have costed about ten million to book the whole restaurant. Although Aaron wouldn't care about money, she really thought it was wasteful. She could not imagine why he chose to have lunch in such an extravagant way.

Aaron didn't answer her question and instead, only bent slightly like a gentleman would, indicating that Ximena could now go to the table and take her seat. Seeing that he was not going to answer her, Ximena rolled her eyes and walked to the table at the center of the restaurant. As she approached the table, Aaron pulled out her chair for her, and then let her sit. It was not until Aaron sat down at the other end of the table opposite her that she opened her mouth again. "You haven't answered my question," she asked looking straight at Aaron.

"My answer is your answer!" Aaron replied, making Ximena more confused.

Once again, she rolled her eyes. However, after a few moments, she realized what he meant wh

The true reason is because I've appeared in her life as an elder brother, even though I was not so serious about being her elder brother at that time!"

Through the short message Hanson had sent to him when he left QY Island, Aaron suddenly understood that Ximena was the same as him. Both of them were persistent in having a family. He thought it might be a real breakthrough point.

Ximena looked at Aaron. Gradually, she burst into a chuckle. Her beautiful almond eyes were full of elusive emotions. "Aaron, do you love me?" she asked.

"What kind of answer do you want?" Aaron asked her back. It doesn't matter whether his answer was that he loved her or he didn't love her. she wouldn't accept either one of them. In such a case, what's the meaning of an answer?

"Now that we're going to have a new start, let me assume that you don't love me..." Ximena said, lowering her eyes to conceal the bitterness coloring them. "Let's give each other a chance. If I overcome the challenge, I will stay by your side all my life, regardless of what status I have... But If I fail," she paused, raising her eyes to look at Aaron.

"Let me go."

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