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   Chapter 975 Extra Story 113 Of Aaron A New Start

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After finishing what she wanted to say, Ximena snorted slightly and hung up the phone in an apathetic manner.

Hearing the beep on the phone, which indicated that the phone had been hung up by the other end, Zoey blushed in fury. It was not until now that she remembered that the reason why she had made the call to Ximena was to ask her to design a dress for her rather than arguing whether she was her brother's only woman or not.

Because of the fight between her and Ximena as well as the so-called Mrs. Long at the party of the Leng's Corporations last time, an investment project of her father's had been cancelled. As a result, she had been scolded by her father severely and had been warned by Aaron extensively. Thinking of that, she felt so uncomfortable that she screamed at the top of her lungs, sat on the sofa and pouted. As far as she could remember, it seemed that her elder brother had changed greatly since the banquet at the council hall. Then, since Aaron had met her father later, her father had also seemed weird. In silence, she wondered what had happened. Could that have something to do with Ximena's biological parents?

With these thoughts in her mind, Zoey could not help but shudder all of a sudden. She looked around, making sure that Aaron was not anywhere near here. Although he was absent, she could feel his presence and she started to get chills. Out of curiosity, she had once employed a private detective to investigate Ximena's parents. However, Aaron had quickly known about it and had given her a piece of his mind. Despite being scared, she was really impressed by his cruelty at that time. Before that, her brother had warned her a few times but he had never really punished her. However, at that time...

As what he had said and done came to her mind, Zoey couldn't help but touch her cheek with her hand, as if it hurt again.

Her shoulders dropped, and she sighed deeply. When she thought of what had happened at the party, she became even more depressed. The so-called Mrs. Long had thrown a cake at her, but he

want to get fired. As Aaron entered the elevator, his secretary couldn't help but sigh.

"A handsome man always smiles warmly..." Looking into the distance, she continued, "Oh, how lucky Miss Mo truly is! His Highness is spoiling her so much."

After a few minutes, Aaron reached the underground parking lot. He walked directly to his car, opened its door, got in and started it, leaving the building. The car passed through bustling commercial streets and finally stopped in front of a high end French restaurant.

The manager of the restaurant personally came out to open Aaron's door for him and greeted him in the brightest manner. "Mr. Leng!" he said, beaming widely. After giving a hint to the parking attendant to drive the car away, he guided Aaron towards the restaurant. "Everything is ready as you ordered," he said respectfully.

Aaron nodded slightly to the manager. With one of his hands in his trouser pocket, he strode into the restaurant. Inside the restaurant, soft piano music was playing, and the light fragrance of roses permeated the air. It was lunch time, but there was no guest eating. At the center of the restaurant, there was a long table covered with pink tablecloth. On it was a vase with three colors of roses and a sealed bottle of wine. It seemed that a romantic candlelight dinner was going to take place, only that it was at noon.

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