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   Chapter 974 Extra Story 112 Of Aaron A New Start

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"Miss Mo..." the shop manager said carefully. Truly, he felt like he was in a pickle. After all, Zoey was Aaron's younger sister and it seemed improper to straight up refuse her. While Ximena might choose not to accept her order, if each and every designer in "Only Memory" refused to entertain her at the same time, the shop manager was afraid that Zoey might freak out and cause a commotion in the establishment.

"Let her lash out, why are you so scared?" Ximena said in an apathetic tone. It was as if she was able to read the shop manager's mind. Clearly ending the conversation right there and then, she pulled the sketchbook she used to draw her designs and started scribbling on it. "You may leave now," she said, without even looking at the man she was talking to.

"Yes!" the shop manager answered respectfully and a little bit to gleefully. After that, he started his way towards the office's exit. In all actuality, he was not afraid of Zoey coming in, freaking out about how she was being treated, and then making a whole scene. The only thing he was truly worried about was how he was going to expel her from the establishment once she started. Considering that Zoey was Aaron's sister, he thought that doing that would be very hard.

Upon reaching the door, the shop manager slowly opened it and walked out. But just before he did, he looked back and took one last glace at Ximena. The designer was drawing the outline of a design sketch in an calm and peaceful manner.

Seeing that, he could not help but smile widely. Ever since he had met her, he had known that she was the one for a man like Aaron. He believed that come a time Ximena fought someone in battle, Aaron would stand beside her, giving her strength and being her shield against her opponent. With that in his mind, he continued on his way and gently closed the door. After finishing her sketch, Ximena took a break.

She turned her head and looked at her cellphone that was put aside. Its screen suddenly turned bright and a short message was displayed on its lockscreen. Upon seeing the message, Ximena's thoughts came to a halt. Putting down the pencil in her hand, she picked up her cellphone. With a deep breath, she opened the short message and silently read it—

h any other woman for the past two years except for me."

"Oh wow," Zoey sneered at her on the phone. "Ximena, who do you think you are?" On her end, Zoey shook her head in disagreement, as if Ximena was in the room with her. "Do you think that my brother has no other woman besides you? Oh my God! I didn't know you can be so naive. That is the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard. Please let me laugh for a while. Aha..." After laughing hysterically for a couple of seconds, Zoey added in a harsh tone, "I guess that you must have forgotten my brother's status."

"No matter how high of a status he has, Zoey, he is nothing but a man in my eyes," Ximena said. While she felt that something was starting to block her throat, Ximena kept her composure and her voice indifferent, calm and arrogant. In a cold tone, she added, "Besides, I have never thought that Aaron would have no other woman. I'm afraid that you've misunderstood my point. But I guess that's always the case with you." As a smile played at the corners of her lips, she squinted slightly and arrogantly. "By saying that Aaron hasn't been with any other woman in the past two years, I meant..." She paused intentionally for a short while and then continued, "Officially." Before Zoey was able to respond to what she said, Ximena quickly added, "If you're calling just to talk about this, I suggest that you never call me again. Because every time you do, you just get all riled up for nothing. Don't you feel embarrassed by that?"

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