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   Chapter 973 Extra Story 111 Of Aaron The Bracelet

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On the highway, Ximena was thrilled by the high-speed racing. She took a short glance in the rearview mirror, and found no trace of Aaron's car. A proud smile formed on her lips. She snorted and said to herself, "Aaron, since you started this unhappy quarrel between us, I should be the one with the right to end the quarrel as I wish— Oh shit!" Ximena cried suddenly. She saw roadblocks and a traffic policeman not too far away from her. She stepped on the brake immediately, and the tire squealed against the bituminous highway, making a harsh, high-pitched noise, which drew the attention of the policeman in front of the roadblocks.

He signaled Ximena to pull over. She took a big breath, relieved that she was able to stop on time. She slowly pulled over, and then rolled down the window.

The policeman gave her a small salute, and asked seriously, "Excuse me, madam. May I see your papers and driver's license?"

Ximena quietly took it out of the bag and gave it to the policeman. He looked through it carefully. He seemed really serious about his work. He looked at the papers and the license over and over again. Ximena waited impatiently and thought he would tear the papers in two if he kept turning them like that. So, she asked hastily, "Officer, is there a problem? I... I am kind of in a hurry right now."

The policeman folded the papers, but didn't give them back to Ximena. Looking at her car, he asked slowly, "What was the speed of your vehicle just now?"

She was stunned by the policeman's serious look and grimaced. She yelled in her mind, 'Do you know who I am? Didn't you see Aaron's name on the vehicle papers?'


As she was about to explain herself to the policeman, they heard another harsh and unpleasant noise as a car halted abruptly near them.

She looked sideways and saw Aaron get out from the driver's seat. He closed the door and walked towards her.

The corners of her mouth began to twitch unconsciously. Although Ximena looked indifferent, the anger in her eyes sold her out.

When the policeman

ttle and worried for her boss. 'Miss Mo took off the bracelet because she wants to get rid of the history between her and His Highness?' she asked herself silently.

Her eyes widened. Yet, she knew that she should never be nosy about her boss' private life. Thus, she simply said in a calm tone, "Miss Mo, this is the budget report for the next quarter. Please go through it. If there are no issues, please sign it."

After looking at it curtly, she signed her name and handed it over to the manager. Then, she asked, "Have we received any new orders in the last two days?"

"In addition to several wives of government officials, Miss Song has asked if you could design a dress for her. She will be attending a party for the young ladies of the island," the manager said in a bit of a quandary.

Ximena knew that the Miss Song she mentioned was Zoey, Aaron's half-sister. The Song family was a reputed family in QY Island. Moreover, under Aaron's protection, Zoey had become increasingly sharp and wayward. Ximena regarded her as a spoiled child who never thought things through clearly and tended to be easily used by others.

"Reject her request," Ximena said irritably. "Only Memory will not take any orders from Zoey Song." She looked sternly at the manager and continued in a loud and serious voice, "No one from our shop is allowed to accept her order."

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