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   Chapter 972 Extra Story 110 Of Aaron The Bracelet

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When Aaron saw the change in Ximena, an indescribable feeling came over him. He knew the reason why Ximena was not rejecting him much that day had something to do with Hanson.

"Your Highness, I am pretty flattered that you came to see me at such a late hour," Hanson said sarcastically. It was a starry night. Hanson was lying on a reclining chair next to the garden pool of the hotel, with a cocktail next to him, wearing a loose short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of beach pants, looking rather casual and wanton. Hearing Hanson's teasing tone, Aaron felt the urge to beat him up.

But when he took another look at Hanson, some other thoughts crossed his mind. 'Not to mention, he is the last and the most outstanding disciple of the God of Gamblers and he also works for Mr. Brian Long. I have to hold my urge to break his face for both reasons. Besides, I am here to ask him something about Ximena.'

He managed to hold back his frustrations and sat down near Hanson. Placing his elbows on his knees and interlocking his fingers, he stared at the brightly lit pool and asked slowly, "Are you and Ximena familiar with each other?"

"More than that," Hanson replied, shrugging. "She is sort of my family."

Aaron turned to look at Hanson in surprise and confusion, since he wasn't expecting him to answer his question without any arrogance or trickery.

Hanson laughed softly and continued, "Anyway, Ximena is kind of my little sister. If there is a man who shows concerns for her, I'm happy for that." He was indirectly assuring Aaron that Ximena was just his sister and there was no need for him to be jealous. He then got up and sat in the soft chair with his legs crossed. He turned towards Aaron and teased, "But it looks like you both have something on your minds now..." When he saw Aaron frown, he laughed and shook his head. "Don't worry! I am not nosy enough to want to figure out what happened between you two. It's just that... Women are complicated creatures. If they are mad at you, just remember one thing…" He raised

' Aaron's mind raced.

His eyes showed his bewilderment. Seeing his expression, Ximena had the urge to laugh out loud. Slowly, she twisted her arm and got away from his grip. After an indifferent glance at him, she walked to the car arrogantly. She started the car, and the engine roared. The racing sound was like an aggressive provocation to Aaron. Looking at him, she opened the window, and said calmly, "If you can catch up with me, I'll tell you why!"

She changed the gear, loosened the clutch and stepped on the accelerator. She took a beautiful turn quickly and faced the exit. Under the roar of the whining engine, the car sped like an arrow departing from its bow. It disappeared swiftly under Aaron's watch.

Aaron looked at the disappearing car with a strange smile. He walked towards Ken and grabbed the key from his hand. He then got into the car and drove away in the same direction as Ximena. Everything happened in an instant. Before Ken even realized what was happening, the two cars had already disappeared one after the other under his watch.

"A passenger car is racing against a sports car..." Ken whispered to himself. He pursed the corners of his lips and shook his head with a scoff. "This is one time a passenger car might be more powerful than a sports car."

Ken let out a sigh, and gloomily walked to the airport subway.

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