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   Chapter 971 Extra Story 109 Of Aaron Brother And Sister

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With both hands in his trouser pockets, Aaron stared observantly at the two people on the sand beach from a distance. Gradually, his eyes darkened, and a wisp of raven hair escaped its gelled hold and fell across his forehead. Ken, who was standing behind him, sharing the same view, couldn't help but smile. His voice was modulated to kindliness as he spoke in a casual manner,"Your Highness, I haven't seen Miss Mo laugh so heartily in a long time. It seems that family means a lot to her."

Turning his eyes to look at Aaron, whose emotion was hard to catch due to his expressionless face, Ken added,"Although she and Mr. Hanson Gu are not biologically related, she cherishes him like a family."

Aaron didn't respond, as he kept constant eye contact at the direction where Hanson and Ximena walked further out and eventually disappeared into the horizon.

Ken sighed inwardly, looking out the same direction. Ximena's parents had died in an accident caused by Aaron's mother. Although it had not been intentional, the fact that she had been indirectly responsible for it could never be changed. Fortunately, Ximena hadn't left Aaron even after she had come to learn of that fact. Ken assumed it was most likely because she loved Aaron too much to blame him for her parents' death.

As a result, even though the unbearable truth was straining their relationship, Aaron didn't want to lose her, while she didn't show any intentions to leave either.


Meanwhile at the airport, Ximena waved back at Hanson, who was waving at her while walking forward to the security check point. Before he passed through security, he shouted,"Ximena, take good care of yourself. When I come to see you next time, you'd better receive me with a happy smile. "

Ximena's hand froze in the air momentarily. In an instant, she felt her nose twitch and her eyes turn red against her control. She watched through the window as her brother walked away, and she shouted,"Brother, you take care of yourself too..."

Their eyes met one last time, and they smiled, before disappearing from each other's sight. Ximena cherished the strong bond between family members as an intimate part of her life that could never die. The strength she received from such affection, gradually made her believe that it was meaningless to linger in the past and that she should try to be happy for the future, leaving the past behind. Perhaps it would take a very long time for her to feel relieved and happy; or perhaps

mind, so she pursed her lips instead and sighed in despair. With a softer tone, she continued,"What brings you here?"

Aaron withdrew his hand back from the clothes and put both hands into his trouser pockets as he turned around to face Ximena. "I was just passing by the shop... so I figured I'd drop by and see how you were doing." The time she spent with her brother this morning must have made her happy. It was the only explanation to why she had a confident smile on her face even thought Aaron was standing right in front of her. Indeed, this was a rare occurrence in her. Even Aaron couldn't remember the last time he had seen such a resolved look in her eyes.

"Passing by?" Ximena couldn't help but give him a snarky smile,"I don't see what reason Your Highness could have for passing by here..." After all, she was no longer working from the shop near his company. It made no sense for him to pass by her new shop as it was located far from the Leng's Corporations, the villa or the manor.

"I was on my way to meet Mr. Brian Long," Aaron stared at her deeply. "I stopped by to pick you up! Let's go there together!"

"I..." Ximena frowned, ardently wishing to refuse him, but how could she? However, the frown transformed into a smile the next second as she suddenly thought of something. Before she had met Molly, Ximena hadn't really had any friends. She felt close to Molly after their first meeting because they were both with similar men and they had faced different yet somehow similar experiences. Although they had only spoken with each other for an hour or two at the most, she felt like they had known each other for a long time.

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