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   Chapter 969 Extra Story 107 Of Aaron Smile

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Hearing that, Ximena's eyes turned redder. She was about to shed tears. She was so thankful to meet her protector during her childhood days. Hanson was the one who had fought for her in one of the darkest moments of her life. Ximena was so grateful to him, and thoughts of how to repay him run wildly on her head. In her childhood, nobody except this elder brother had helped her. He had even spared some bread for her. It had not been rancid or moldy. Instead, it had been a piece of delicious bread. He had told her that he would steal a new loaf of bread for her the next day. That was why she remembered him so clearly. She had longed to see him that day and the bread that he would steal for her. However, he had never appeared again since then.

"You didn't cry when you were a little girl, but now your eyes look teary when you have grown up," with a beaming smile, Hanson teased Ximena while stroking her head softly. "All right. I'm sorry for not seeing you that day and not saying goodbye to you before I left. I promised that I would bring you bread the next day."

"You must buy me some bread to eat until I don't want to eat anymore!" forcing the tears back in her eyes, Ximena said in a childish tone as if she were a child who wanted to be spoiled.

Looking at her, Hanson shook his head with a faint smile. He was about to say something when he saw her eyes turned redder as if her tears were about to spill over her eyes right away. He could do nothing but nod and say hastily,"Okay okay okay...I'm going to buy all the bread in QY Island for you. You can eat bread until you feel sick."

"No... I only want to eat that bread, like the one you stole for me," Ximena snuffled. With her arms around Hanson's, she said,"Hanson, now that we meet again, never disappear all of a sudden without letting me know in advance. Huh, promise me!" Now Ximena behaved as if she met her family member again all of a sudden. She forgot everything else completely. She poured all the affection she had for her family into Hanson.

Gradually, the restaurant became quiet. Everybody at the wine party fixed their eyes on the two of them. Everyone went curious as to how Hanson could display intimacy with Ximena in front of Aaron. They were excited as to what will happen next. Staring at them, Aaron's eyes turned dark slightly. Then he walked forward to Ximena.

"All right. I will never leave you behind again. Okay?" Holding her hand, H

eating this time was different because of Hanson, who brought the taste of family into the bread. This kind of taste could not be given by anybody else, even though he was not her biological brother.

As he saw how satisfied she was, an evil and attractive smile spread from the corners of Hanson's mouth. He could do nothing but pamper her, which could be seen in his slender eyes. "Everybody who doesn't know you would think you're still a beggar in the alley beside the tube-shaped apartments," he teased her.

Hearing that, Ximena opened her eyes and looked at Hanson. Outstretching her arms, she turned around to face him. With her enchanting figure and graceful dress, she looked like a happy angel in the morning sunlight.

"Look at me. Do I look like a beggar?" While saying that, Ximena stopped her footsteps. Raising her chin slightly to look at Hanson in a proud manner, she said with her head high,"I know you're the best disciple of the God of Gamblers, but I'm not nobody either... I'm the boss of 'Only Memory', the most popular customized tailoring shop in QY Island!"

"All right... You're a big boss instead of a little beggar," Hanson said. Facing her, he looked at Ximena with a smile on his face. In some aspect, she looked the same as when he had met her for the first time. Her eyes told him that she was so tenacious regardless of the situation or environment she was involved in. She was tenacious to a degree that even men could not always match. "Ximena," he sighed as he found she was looking at him. Then he lowered his head and with a voice full of remorse he continued,"I'm leaving soon..."

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