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   Chapter 968 Extra Story 106 Of Aaron Smile

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Judging from the way her shoulder shrugged and her eyelids dropped, Molly was evidently depressed. She sighed slightly and said,"Sometimes I can't understand him..." With a calm yet bitter voice, she continued,"I fell in love with him as early as four years ago. That happened when we came to QY Island. I lost my ability to speak because of an accident. During that period of time, he was just like a life-saving straw in my eyes, my hero, my caregiver, and my only hope. I depended on my entire life at him and forgot to loosen my grip. During those times, I somehow felt that I couldn't make it without him. Then things went on just like that, as time passed by. I just know that my heart was totally occupied by him. But I knew clearly from the very beginning that it was impossible for our relationship to have a happy ending. He was in love with a woman, and that woman was my half-blooded elder sister with the same father but a different mother." As Molly recalled her bitter memories, she could not help but pressed her lips into a bitter smile. After taking a short pause, she added,"That was why I admired you very much, Ximena, when you fought back confidently when they said that you were a third wheel at the wine party a moment ago..."

With some air of confidence, Ximena stared at Molly silently with her deep and distant eyes. It was not until quite a while later that Ximena asked,"Would you mind sharing to me your love story?"

"Oh, well of course yes..." Molly answered, without the least guard against Ximena. She felt at ease talking to her and it seemed that she already liked her very much. Seeing her for the first time, Molly already felt comfortable with her. Perhaps sometimes the first impression was very important.

As the night grew deeper, the guests were still busy toasting wine glasses with each another and exchanging chit chats at the wine party. The absence of Aaron didn't affect their mood at all. The restaurant was still bustling and festive.

While waiting for the result of the gambling game between Chester and Hanson, Aaron and Brian chatted with each other casually. However, both of them seemed to be somewhat absent-minded. Now and then, their sight frequently fell on the two women who were doing flower arrangement in the glass garden house.

On the corner of his eyes, Aaron stared at Ximena with his deep eyes, as if he had not seen her lively expressions like this for a long time. He didn't know what they were talking about, but he really felt

a smile on his face,"Once I rescued a girl." Turning his eyes aside slightly to look at a little black birthmark beneath Ximena's ear, he added,"She had a black birthmark beneath her ear, just like yours."

Warm shivers crept through Ximena's heart all of a sudden. She opened her eyes wide in excitement as she stared at Hanson. "Don't tell me that you're the big brother who helped drive away the bad boys from me and spared half of his bread for me?" she asked with flushed cheeks.

Seeing that Ximena had caught his point, Hanson didn't say a word. He only shrugged slightly with a smile. It seemed that he felt very happy to see how surprised Ximena was.

"It was you, right? Really?!" Ximena could not believe that she met the elder brother she had always remembered since her childhood in such an unexpected situation. She couldn't contain her excitement that her eyes turned red in an instant. Completely forgetting about the occasion where she was, she grasped Hanson's arm, just like she had once done in her childhood where she had been so coward. "I waited for you there for a long time, but you didn't appear again," she exclaimed.

"I didn't come back because I became lucky as soon as I met you," with a teasing expression on his face, Hanson said in a pampering tone. "I was taken away by the God of Gamblers when I went back that night." Seeing how distressed Ximena looked, he sighed slightly and said softly,"On my way back to QY Island this time, I was wondering whether I would meet you or not... I planned to look for you the moment I finished the gambling game tonight. I didn't expect to see you here by accident. It was such a surprise!"

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