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   Chapter 967 Extra Story 105 Of Aaron Loved

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Ximena was at the party, and she was wearing a slim-fitting pink dress, which she designed and made herself. In an indifferent manner, she greeted and talked with people she knew. She was no longer the woman known only because she was with Aaron. Now, she had her own position in QY Island. Women from rich and powerful families, celebrities, as well as people who liked pursuing fashion surrounded and adored her.

With a faint smile, she responded to their questions. In spite of the huge block separating her and Aaron emotionally, she always put on a front for him in social occasions, such as this one.

Vivi and Zoey were at the said party as well, and they were chatting with several women who were the same age with them. Seeing how popular and respected Ximena was at the party, both of them were greatly annoyed by her, and it showed on their twisted faces.

No matter how much the duo glared at her, Ximena completely them and continued with socializing with other people. The strength to deal with them was not in her that evening. Besides, she had been immune to such kind of thing since a long time ago. It stopped fazing her.

"Miss Mo," Ken came to her at one point and said respectfully,"His Highness is receiving an important guest. He hopes you can go and meet them."

Hearing that, Ximena turned her head to look to the direction of Aaron. She saw a handsome yet seemingly distant man taking to Aaron. In her mind, Ximena noted how chiseled his face was. This added to her notion that the man looked like a Greek sculpture - perfect, but cold, hard, and not feeling at all.

Withdrawing her sight from the man, Ximena nodded to Ken. After apologizing to the person she had been talked to before Ken came to her, she walked towards Aaron together with Ken.

Seeing Ximena come to him, a faint smile appeared on Aaron's face. When she arrived by his side, Aaron turned to his guests and introduced her. "This is my..." he started, almost hesitating. "Female companion, Ximena Mo," he ended, proud of finding the right words. He didn't say that she was his woman because sh

en us couldn't be figured out or made clear. I'm not able to describe our relationship precisely. We have been in a tangle for several years now. Our son is four years old, but we didn't get married until yesterday."

Hearing that, Ximena looked at Molly in astonishment. She could not believe what Molly said. Brian had looked so domineering and angry when he had confronted Zoey and Vivo that it seemed like he couldn't be appeased unless he killed Zoey. He didn't care about whether Molly was right or wrong. He only wanted to protect her. It seemed that he loved her dearly. Ximena couldn't imagine that they were a newly married couple and that they had only gotten married yesterday.

Molly found that Ximena was confused by her words. With a faint smile on her face, she said,"Sometimes things change too fast for me to cope with. We get together mostly for the sake of our child. He is not willing to give up the child, and I don't want to leave my son either. As a result, we have no other choice but be together."

"But... as far as I can see, it is not true for Mr. Brian Long. He seems to enjoy being together with you very much !" Ximena said, expressing her own observation. Now, she seemed to care about Molly's relationship problem more than her own.

Hearing that, Molly shrugged and sighed slightly. She said, with a weak smile,"Sometimes I can't understand him either..."

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