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   Chapter 966 Extra Story 104 Of Aaron Loved

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Aaron stopped walking as soon as he heard Ximena's question. Looking at her face with his deep set eyes, he didn't know what or how to answer her. Had he loved her? He knew that he had, and he still did, strongly. And it was the exact reason why he wanted to start a family with her. He loved her, he truly did. That was the exact reason why he wanted to make up for the heinous crime his mother had done to her and her family. Truly, he wanted to live together with her despite the pain brought by the emotional abuse she had applied to him.

Without waiting for Aaron's answer, Ximena closed her eyes, snuggled to his arms and buried her face into his chest.

Seeing that, Aaron somehow felt a tinge of sadness in his heart. Ximena looked so vulnerable and sad. After taking a deep breath, Aaron took another step again, and brought Ximena to her bedroom. Softly, he put her on the bed and then went to the bathroom. With a wet towel, he walked back to the bed, sat by the side of it and wiped his lover's beautiful face. He made sure that he did everything in a soft and gentle manner.

When he got to her hands, Aaron held it tightly in his, while saying,"Ximena, I believe that your heart could tell you whether I love you or not. The reason why I've never talked about that is not because I'm unwilling to say that, but because I'm afraid you would leave the moment I say that..." He paused, taking in a deep breath. "I'm not sure which kind of answer you want to hear, so I don't want to talk about that."

With his eyes filled with sadness, he sighed. Gently, he put Ximena's hand back on the bed, and stood up, intending to go back to the bathroom and return the wet towel. However, before he was able to leave, Ximena grasped his hand all of a sudden. When Aaron turned his head back to look at the woman on the bed, he was surprised to see her already sitting up. With a need to explain himself more, Aaron opened his mouth to say something but he was disrupted when Ximena pulled him by his neck and gave him a deep, passionate kiss on the lips.

Greatly surprised, Aaron could do anything else but close his eyes and savor the woman's soft lips. After a few moments, he was already taking the lead on their hot lip locking. Since Ximena's abortion, their love making had drastically decreas

mous for its four themed restaurants. The moment they eat in any of these restaurants, they just forget everything that was troubling them and enjoy the place's quietness and peace for a while.

Among the four themed restaurants,"Vanity Dream" was the best known one. Correspondingly, it was the most expensive one, and it was always difficult to make a reservation there. The whole restaurant could be divided into two parts. In addition to the the ship-shaped two-storey building above the ground, there was also a transparent underwater restaurant, which was made with anti-seismic bulletproof tempered glass with a thickness of eight inches. The internal decoration of the building was white, interspersed by all kinds of blue decorations. With the help of the light reflecting and refracting and with the fishes swimming on the other side of the glass, the guests would feel like they were truly under the sea. As many reviews said, it made people forget about time, and their own personal dilemmas.

In "Vanity Dream", a crowd of people could be seen raising their glasses to one another and having a toast. As the CEO of the Leng's Corporations, Aaron became the person every guest wanted to talk to, including politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and people who had underlying motive. However, as usual, Aaron gave out a cold aura that prevented strangers from thinking about approaching him. Because of that, people only mainly greeted him and struck small talks with him before they left and searched for the next talk to.

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