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she thought in her heart but didn't dare utter the words out loud. As the silent words etched into her heart, she sat weak and limp in the chair. Her eyes trailed off, staring into nothingness.


Aaron gestured to Brian, who was sitting opposite him, by raising the glass of wine in his hand. Brian glanced at him with his falcon-like eyes and closed his thin lips while he raised his glass of wine as well. His movement looked extremely cold as if he was telling everybody else to keep away from him.

It had been two years since Aaron had last seen Brian through a video call. He didn't attend the opening ceremony of Grand Night Casino in QY Island. Instead, he had sent Jason and Shane in his place. Brian had looked like a wild man on the video call last time, but now he looked quite domineering, just like a king. His falcon-like eyes rotated slightly, giving off a cold and menacing appearance.

While they were engaged in conversation, Aaron's phone beeped with a message, and he opened his cellphone. With his eyes lowered, he clenched his jaw slightly, causing his temples to move. Aaron couldn't help but purse his lips when he read the short message.

Brian's deep eyes had been fixed on Aaron the whole time. At the sight of Aaron's expression, an almost invisible smile played on Brian's thin lips. He twirled the glass of wine with his slender fingers and asked in a dull tone,"Is there anything that could cause trouble for you in QY Island? !"

Upon hearing the question, Aaron raised his eyes to look at Brian. In an indifferent tone, Brian continued,"Is that about a woman?"

Aaron reacted by frowning as his mind was read by another person, even if that person was Brian Long. He still felt uncomfortable and vulnerable.

"It's nothing," Brian said, looking at Aaron. "Everyone has that somebody or something that they're not able to let go of their whole lives." It sounded as though he was talking from experience. "Don't beat yourself up because of it... We're only human, and some things are just too difficult to overcome in life," he added.

A tinge of bitterness appeared at the corners of Aaron's mouth. He looked at Brian, and Brian was looking at him. Without saying a word to each other, they both raised their glasses as if to toast silently and they sipped the wine. Sometimes it wasn't necessary for men to talk about what they were feeling with each other. They could understand each other tacitly.

The dinner dragged out until midnight.

Brian didn't stay long in QY Island. Instead, he only went to the casino to

anding by her side.

It was Aaron. He looked into Ximena's eyes, which had no focus now. It was as if she had lost her soul. Sighing quietly, he said,"It's very late. Come back to your bedroom and go to bed. Okay?" He wasn't ordering her to go. It was more of a request.

Even though Aaron had the power to destroy everybody, and he stood in the highest position, Aaron could still lower his head and humble himself in front of the person that he cared about.

Ximena moved her gaze to Aaron and blinked as if to come back to reality. 'This man... is in pain as well, isn't he? It's okay. We can be in pain together, ' she thought.

After a moment when he saw that Ximena didn't move at all, Aaron bent down without saying a word and gently picked her up in his arms. He then turned and carried her out of the garden house and headed to the main house. Such was the relationship that they were fated to have. Aaron and Ximena resisted each other and yet they were both attracted to each other. Despite the torment, Aaron was content for at least Ximena shared the same home as him.

Sometimes when he passed by,"Only Memory," he always had the impulse to walk into the shop and have a look. According to the shop manager's daily report to him, Aaron learned that she was able to smile, at least at work. He had been happy to hear that. It was not until then that he understood how it felt when a person's emotions were affected by another person, as his mother had put it.

After entering the main house, with Ximena in his arms, Aaron strode towards her bedroom. However, on the way there when he reached the center of the living room, he heard Ximena quietly ask,"Aaron, have you ever loved me?"


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