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   Chapter 964 Extra Story 102 Of Aaron Love

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After hearing the question, Ximena's face froze all of a sudden. Seeing that, the wife of the political commissar of the island could not help but feel somewhat helpless. She sighed and said softly,"I have known Aaron for quite a long time. I believe that you know the situation in QY Island very clearly. Different from political institutions in most other places, members of the council hall of QY Island can possess their own properties, can take part in the board of directors of any company, and of course many of them have contact with people in the dark world."

Ximena observed her quietly without commenting. Perhaps other people weren't aware of this knowledge. However, for Ximena, who had lived at the bottom of society for more than a dozen years and had stayed by Aaron's side for the past two, she would not be surprised or alarmed by anything that happened in QY Island.

"He always seems to be cold with everybody and everything, but once Aaron sets his mind on someone, he won't give them up. He is quite persistent with everybody and everything he believes in. I guess that persistence would probably have something to do with his life experience."

Hearing that, Ximena looked at the wife of the political commissar in confusion, as if she couldn't understand what she meant by her last sentence.

Seeing the confusion on Ximena's face, the commissar's wife smiled faintly. "Before his mother's death, he and his mother had lived next door to us. Then, after his mother's death, he lived in my family's home for a while." she explained.

Ximena looked at her in astonishment. She had never known that there had been such a connection between Aaron and the political commissar's wife.

"It may all sound strange to you, Ximena," she continued with a chuckle. "I was studying hard to prepare for my college entrance examination at that time, but he made a deep impression on me. When he was a little boy, he was completely different from how he is now. He wasn't talking too much, but he had been a lovely child."

Ximena couldn't help but frown upon hearing that, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly at her description of Aaron.

"It may be

ound it hard to.

Even though she hadn't done a thorough investigation into her parent's death, as soon as she had found out about it, she knew without a doubt that the reason why there had been no follow-up report on that accident was that there had been a cover-up by somebody. Ximena dared not look for the reporter who had written the statement she had read. She feared that she would not be able to face the possible consequence of further exploration when she knew more details.

While contemplating all of those thoughts in her mind, she felt overwhelmed with emotions, and bitter tears spilled down her cheeks while the forced smile on her mouth turned into one of self-mockery. Ximena slowly opened her teary red eyes. She told herself that the only reason why she had chosen to stay by Aaron's side even after knowing the truth was to be a constant reminder to him that it was his mother who had killed both of her parents— causing her to become an orphan and live so miserably for so many years.

Inhaling deeply, she tried hard to prevent her tears from falling. Ximena swallowed the painful lump in her throat and took another deep breath. She pursed her lips into a bitter smile and mumbled to herself,"Ximena, do you truly think this way? No, the real reason is that you don't want to break away from this sort of lifestyle..." The smile on her lips deepened but was full of self-mockery. 'The fact is, you don't want to leave him, '

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