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   Chapter 963 Extra Story 101 Of Aaron Tangle

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What dreaded her most was the thought that she could not procure some of them any more no matter how hard she tried. Needless to say, there were some other things she would never want to procure at all. Things were totally different now.

With a pair of ten-centimeter high claret stiletto and a purse of the same color on her hand, today Ximena wore a white lace-outlined shirt, coupled with a black high-waist skirt. Walking her way to the company, she walked with a highly raised head and an arrogantly cold pace.

"Good morning, Miss Mo." The reception girl on the front desk greeted her with a warm smile. But she just received a nonchalant nod from Ximena rather than a smile in return and just watched her walk towards the elevator.

Her company, which was once an open humble workshop had turned to be an eight-story building now. Her business covered from design to production. But it still held fast to its core competitiveness, hand-tailoring service. The top floor of the building was the place designed for the offices, workroom and conference room dedicated to Ximena, and other prominent leaders of the company. In addition to the first floor, which was used as display area and reception area, the other floors housed the respective workshops. The higher a person's post in the company was, the high floor the person worked at. Moreover, one's class of position was not based on education background, nor how many awards won before entering the company. Ximena instead classified each employee according to his or her skills and capabilities.

Exiting the elevator, one of the leaders of the company came to Ximena and handed her the financial statement,"Miss Ximena, this is the financial statement of this quarter."

Looking down at the papers neatly clipped on the folder, Ximena did not take it over and said,"Its fine if you have checked it already." Without


Their rendezvous was a western restaurant affiliated to the Leng's Corporations, with a boosted elegant environment and mouth-watering food.

Looking at Ximena, who was excited to show her design, the political commissar's wife found that she was totally different from the one who attended the parties with Aaron. She was dynamic, confident and enthusiastic, and even showed great love for life.

At the end of her explanation regarding her draft, she said,"If you find something inappropriate, you could tell me your idea." With a huge smile on her face, Ximena said these words in great confidence. She was sure that the madam would be satisfied with her job.

As expected, the madam nodded, saying,"I always like your design, which suits me greatly. You know clearly about my taste." While talking, she picked up the design draft and concluded with a bright smile,"I like this very much!" Then she lifted her head to look at Ximena straight in her eye. A twist of expression followed her words,"I can feel your enthusiasm in your designs, as well as your persistent love for Aaron. But why do you keep cold towards him for so long?"

Surprised by the madam's question, Ximena blinked her eye and just opened her mouth unable to answer.

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