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   Chapter 962 Extra Story 100 Of Aaron Tangle

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6369

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It was his mother who had done all these things. Fate had pushed her to his life. From the beginning, they were bound to come across each other and weave each other's web. They must face this doomed twist of fate.

He told himself, 'Ximena if you could be happy for my pain. I am willing to bear all the bitterness.

Abhorrence is also a kind of emotion after all. If you want to hate me, just hate me forever, it doesn't matter, I will take anything from you!'

A Year Later.

"Grand Night Casino has come into operation for three months. Its operation has become a new attraction for the tourism industry of QY Island. Recently, the tourism of the island witnessed an increase of 120% on a year-on-year basis. In addition, the Casino has also promoted the other industries on the island. Given this uplifting situation, the people showed unprecedented gratitude to this measure taken by the Leng's Corporations and the parliament. Aaron of all people behind the company was the mastermind of it all. It was because of his laudable efforts that these milestones in the industry were achieved."

The morning news on the television continued to talk about the new achievements made by the Leng's Corporations. On the other side, the table for breakfast was overwhelmed by silence. Aaron was reading the newspaper while Ximena, who sat just opposite him, was eating her food silently. They all devoted themselves to their own things without talking.

Upon finishing his coffee, Aaron folded the newspaper, put it aside and shifted his gaze towards Ximena. He breathed a slight sigh under the table and said to her,"Mr. Brian Long will come to the island this afternoon. We will have some business time together at night. Maybe I will come back home a little late."

With only an insensitive glimpse from Ximena, Aaron got the cold shoulder again. She just kept eating her breakfast.

A sense of se

now she owned a personal exclusive brand and was no longer a woman totally dependent on Aaron for living.

Driving on her way to the company, she pressed a key on the car's dashboard to open the car roof. The sunlight warmed her and outlined her well-shaped face. A puff of breeze brushed her face with a little moisture, which made her feel comfortable and at ease. Maybe she was fed up with the horrific experience caused by the taxi driver a year ago. After being broken down for three months, she recovered and pulled herself together. Immediately, she enrolled herself to a driving school to gain her license.


The braking car gritted on the ground, sounding noisily loud. Ximena caught a sketchy glimpse of the exclusively customized sign "Only Memory". A small smile unfolded on her lips. The smile, however, was constrained because her eyes did not show any glee.

Only...Memory... The only thing she owned in life. The one she could call her own.

Everyone had this one thing in his or her life which he or she could label as his or her 'only', such as the only parents, the only lover, the only luxury as well as the only dream. But how about her? For Ximena, it seemed that all the 'only' things in her life had left her so far.

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